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What are morning types?
those who have an earlier than normal circadian rhythm leading to more alert in morning.
What are evening types?
those with later than normal circ rhythm leading them to be more alert and productive in the evening.
When is the max CBT and min CBT for evening types?
Min CBT could be 8-9am and Max could be8-9pm.
What is the controversy over evening and morning types?
that it might be a lifestyle choice rather than an endogenous circ rhythm. ie maybe personlaity types like introversion/extroversion play a part.
What was the constant routine used to check out evening and morning types?
kept in a supine position acorss 24hrs monitoring sleep propensity and CBT.
What did the constant routine find?
that there was a difference in the CBT of each group. CBT of morning type was 4am, of evening types was 6am. Max CBT morning types was 5pm, max evening types was 9pm.
What did the study NOT establish?
whether the ryhtm was endogenous or not. Just that there was a difference.
What did the study find out about differences in subjective sleepiness in each group?
that subjective sleepiness was at its highest at the lowest CBT.
What was the main take home message of this study then?
that subjective sleepiness is the main influence of behaviour on evening and morning types. Morning types get up early b/c they feel more alert and this entrains them to follow a certain pattern. Still does not answer which comes first - the circ rythm or the behaviour.
What difference was found between morning and evening types Tmax time?
about a four hour diff. Morning types - around 5pm, evening types around 9pm.
What is sleep propensity?
the amount of sleep gained in a sleep trial.
what isthe biggest difference between morning and evening types?
subjective sleepiness
What is the smallest difference between morning and evening types?
biological rhythms and lifestyle choices
So what is driving the behaviour of evening and morning types?
subjective sleepiness and alertness.