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The factor that allows a Doppler radar to remember the frequency of transmitted energy for later comparison to returning energy is...
Which product is used in the detection and location of rotating thunderstorms and in determining wind field characteristics?
Base mean radial velocity
The probability of severe hail algorithm will look for hail that is...
> 3/4"
Computation of the equivalent reflectivity factor (Ze) depends on...
Avergae returned power, range to target, and a set of known factors called the "radar constant"
Which information is included in the attribute table that accompanies the user selectable precipitation (USP) product?
The total number of hours used to build the product.
Embedded thunderstorms are detected by the WSR-88D quite well because...
The 10cm wavelength can see through the stratiform precipitation that tends to hide the storms on 5cm radars.
Range resolution depends on
Pulse length
The Echo Tops (ET) product computes echo top height by using
2.2 x 2.2nm grid boxes
The maximum range MESOs can be identified by the mesocyclone algorithm is 110nm, due to...
A maximum height threshold of 8km.
What determines the length of a forecast made by the storm position forecast algorithm?
Accuracy of the previous volume scan's forecast.
For the WSR-88D to generate a base reflectivity product, the antenna must complete...
One elevation slice
What decides the minimum range of the radar?
Pulse length
The ability of the radar to distinguish between two targets at the same range but at approximately the same direction from the radar is called...
Bearing resolution
What does subrefraction do?
Reduces the maximum range of the detection of low-level targets.
The echo tops (ET) product is very useful in...
Showing the presence of vertical tilt within a storm.