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What did the Gideon V. Wainwright court case do?
supreme court extended the right to council at the state espense to all felony cases
What is hard power?
the ability to get others to want the same outcome that you want through coercion rather than cooperation
what is the human capitol theory?
expenditures on educations, medical care, and training make individuals more inherently more preoductive and therefore more highly valued workers
what is ideology?
a set of values and beliefs about the rold of the government
what is inflation?
when there is in increase in the average level of prices for goods and services
why did some insurance companies black list certain occupations, and what are those occupations
they did so because they wanted to avoid high risk employees, gas station attendants, florists, hair stylists, taxi drivers, security gaurds, those who worked for liquor stores and convenience stores, logging, commercial fishing, and construction
what is the liberalism theory?
the government should control the economy in the interest of the state
what is literal homelessness?
when someone lives in public or private emergency center, or someplace not designed for shelter
what is manslaughter?
a person commits this offense if he recklessly causes the death of an individual
what did mapp v ohio do?
it prohibited illegally obtained evidence from being produced in a court of law
what is market price?
the price the product brings in the marketplace
what is medicare?
a fed/state program to provide medical insurance for the poor and disabled designed to treat the threat of financial ruin due to medical expenses among the elderly
what did miranda v arizona do?
it required police to inform every suspect of their constitutional rights upon arrest
what is monetary policy?
it is the control of the money supply centered on the federal reserve banking system
what is murder?
a person commits murder if he knows he killed someone, he did so intentionally byt doing somthing that is clearly dangerous
what is the natural price?
the price of production of a good with a small profit left over
what is negligent homicide?
a person commits this offence if they cause death by criminal negligence
what are open primaries?
anyone can participate in any party's primary but not both
what are closed primaries?
voters can only vote for the party they officially have declared affiliation to
what is opportunity cost?
the cost equals the value of the most desirable goods or services forgone
what are patronage policies?
also called promotional policies, government actions that provide incentives for individuals or corporations to undertake activities they would only reluctantly undertake without the promise of an award
what is the goal of a political party?
to elect governmental office holders united under a given label
what is progressive tax?
the tax rises as income rises, wealthier taxpayers pay a larger percentage of their income in taxes
what are proportional taxes?
tha tax stays the same through all levels of income
what is a private good?
a good or service whose benefits are confined to a single consumer and whose consumption excludes consumption by others
what is public policy?
the study of government decisions and actions designed to deal with a matter of public concern
when do you qualify for medicaid?
one must be eligible for welfare support in their state
what is right to liberty?
individual's right to freedom from government interference
what did serranp v priest do?
cali supreme court found the inequalities in the property tax school funding system to be so egregious as to violate the state's constitution's equal protection clause
what is soft power?
the ability to get other's to want the same outcomes that you want through cooperation rather than coercion
what is structural unemployment?
unemployment due to a mismatch between skill of the labor force and the jobs available, not a major concern
what is stagflation?
when the economy suffers high unemployment and inflation at the same time
what is bad about substandard housing?
has been held responsible for crime and disease,
what is the impact of suburban voters?
they tend to vote rep in presidential elections but dem in local and state elections. they tend to outnumber and outvote the innercity voters
why do we support inequality?
when everyone has a fair chance to get ahead, if it reflects individual choice, when it reflects meric
why was checks and balances created?
to prevent any branch of government from becoming too powerful
what is unanimity rule?
it insures that no one is misused since every voter must approve each proposition, but each voter has veto power
what did US v Leon do?
supreme court ruled that even if a search warrant was determined to have been technically illegal, if the police acted in good faith, the evidence could be introduced in a court of law, also called the exclusionary rule