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Sample Bias
Fault of researcher. Bias occurs when sample differs significantly from population because of something the researcher did wrong
Sample error
No fault of researcher occurs when sample differs significantly from the population because of random chance differences.
Interval Scale
Equality of units. The interval requires equal distants between the points.
Ex. Degree, Grades, etc.
Judgment Sampling
Researchers use his or her judgement to create a sample that is believed to be a representative of the population.
Quota Sampling
Usually an interviewing a certain number of people are provided by request.
Cluster Sampling
Groups rather than individuals are randomly selected
Systematic Sampling
Individuals are selected from a list by taking every Kth name etc.
Stratified Sampling
A equal number of people from each subgroup is selected
Nominal Scale
Catergorized groups as females/male freshman/seniors. Expressed as names or numbers
Ordinal Scale
Scaling is used. Ranking of an object, one is bigger, better or more but no distinction of how much more.