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to wake up
to dry
to become bored
sacar a bailar a alguien
to ask someone to dance
pedir algo de tomar
to order something to drink
sacar/comprar entradas
to get/to buy tickets
sentarse en la primera fila
to sit in the first row
ir detras del escenario
to go backstage
el revendedor
ir a los videojuegos
to go to the video store
dejar plantado/a a alguien
to stand someone up
to pick someone up at a club/bar/etc
pasar a buscar a alguien
to pick someone up
pasear en el auto
to go cruising in the car
quedar a una hora con alguien
to meet at an agreed upon time
reunirse/juntarse con amigos
to get together with friends
salir a dar una vuelta
to go cruising/for a ride/ for a walk
tener un contratiempo
to have a mishap (that causes one to be late)
llamarle la atencion
to attact someone's attention
ser un/a pesado/a
to be a bore
no sirve para nada quejarse
it's not worth it to complain
Vale la pena callarse porque
it's worth it to keep quiet because
En cambio yo
Instead I
Que Chevere
That's cool
Que lastima
What a pity!