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Where did alot of interest in obedience come from?
A lot of this interest came from trying to stuffy the Nazis
All of life is a choice, there are consequences,
Do collected minds act in different ways?
Do people act different when they are anonymous?
Is there spontaneous hugging when the lights are on?
What is self regulation?
Self-regulation-you monitor how you are doing, implement behavioral studies
Self-regulation factors cause most of our problems
What happens when people aren't selfaware?
they act out of control
What does alcohol zap?
prefrontal cortex
What can explain binge eating, suicide, etc?
escape from selfawareness
What is a low level of thinking?
thinking about concrete terms,At a low level there are no morals
Can any behavior be viewed at multiple levels?
What is shop lifting in high and low terms?
stealing or putting something in your pocket, only at higher levels does it become stealing
Where is there close group unity?
mob or sports fans
Who do we have better memory for?
ingroup faces than outgroup faces
Are stereotypes inherently bad?
not inherently bad, we have limited cognitive resources, much more efficient to charcterize people
Do people like figuring each other out?
What is the issue with body types?
Correlation vs. causation-is it a self fulfilling prophecy
How we mainly measure personality?
Mostly measure through self report or interviews
What you tell me about tells me about what you think is important
Interviews are highly prone to violence
Why might using the web be more accurate?
Web information might be more accurate because you remove person from interview
Are we aware of most of the things that determine our personality?
What is androgen insensitivity
should be a male, but their receptors aren’t susceptible to gender
What happened with David Rymer?
lieved if you were raised a girl you get girl and vice versa
At puberty things got fucked up
Nick-named cave woman
Names himself David, but he killed himself
Why do women have better results after a stroke?
Women seem that the have tasks spread out
Who is the studier of the species?
Females are the studier of the species, live longer, less likely to die of illnesses (seems to be a general sex differences)
Who is less likely to develop antisocial personality disorder?
What does the number of older brothers seem to indicate?
the more older brothers the more likely you are to be gay
What do twin studies show?
amazing similarities
why do children chnage as they get older?
Children can create own environments as they get older
What type of problems do inhibited children show?
internalizing problem
Why are older people surpisingly happy?
They avoid negative stuff, become more agreeable, less open to new experiences