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O-occipital bone, spines of c7 and all T-vertebrae
I-acromion and spinous p. of scap, clavicle
Latissimus Dorsi
O-ind.att. spinous proc's of lower 6 t-vertebrae, lumbar vert and last 3-4 ribs, iliac crest
O-clavicle, acromion and spine of scapula
I-deltoid tuberosity of humerus
Biceps Brachii
O-short head coracoid process
long-intertubercular groove
I-Radial tuberosity
Triceps Brachii
O-Long: glenoid cavity lat-posterious humerus, medial-distal radial groove on Humer
I-Olecranon process
Pectoralis Major
O-clavicle, sternum cart. of ribs1-6 &ext oblique
I-intertubercular groove humerus
O-Anterior Superior Iliac Spine
I-aponeru- of tibia
Biceps Femoris
O-ishical tuberoisty linea aspera and distal femur
I-head of fibula and condy;e of tibia
Gluteus Maximus
O-ilium, sacrum, coccyx
I-femur and iliotibial tract