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enzyme that unwinds the DNA helix ahead of the replication fork
enzyme that synthesizes small fragments of RNA to serve as primers for DNA synthesis during DNA replication
positive strand
the DNA strand that is complimentary to the strand used as a template for RNA syntesis--the one that can be translated to make a protein
negative strand
used as template for RNA synthesis--complement of positive
subunits of RNA and DNA--bound to phosphate molecule
5-carbon sugar found in RNA
process of transferring genetic info coded in DNA into messenger RNA
sigma factor
component of RNA polymerase that recognizes the promoter
process by which genetic info in the messenger RNA directs the order of amino acids in protein
mechanism of gene transfer btw bacteria in which bacterial DNA is transferred inside a phage
virus that infects bacteria
cell to cell contact for gene transfers in bacteria
sex pilus
thin protein appendage required for attachment of one bacterium to another prior to DNA transfer by conjugation
gene that moves from one DNA molecule to another within the same cell or from one site on a DNA molecule to another site on the same molecule
microorganism that grows best btw 5-15 degrees C
bacteria that grows best btw 20-45 degrees C
organism that grows best btw 45-70 degrees C
organism requires oxygen for growth
obligate anaerobe
cannot multiply if oxygen is present
growth curve
lag phase--log phase--stationary phase--death phase--prolonged decline
Koch's postulate
group of criteria used to determine the cause of an infectious disease by culturing the agent and reproducing disease
expression vectors
vectors that facilitate transcription and translation of cloned DNA
Southern Blot
technique to detect a given nucleotide sequence in DNA fragments that have been separated by gel electrophoresis and transferred to a membrane filter
Northern Blot
procedure that is similar in principle to southern blot, except that it uses a nucleic acid probe to detect seq. of RNA
Western Blot
procedure that uses labeled antibody to detect specific proteins
abb. for restriction fragment length polymorphism