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sino (prep)
until, till, up to;

as far as
sino quando
till when
intanto (adv)
meanwhile, in the meantime;

while, whilst
infine (adv)
at last, finally, in the end, after all
autorizzato a fare quanto infra
authorized to perform the following
come sopra
as above
di sopra, disopra
(colloq) dormirci sopra
to sleep on it
pensarci sopra
to think it over
nobody, no one, none;


in nessun modo
not at all
nessuno dei presenti
none of those present
non c'è nessuno
there's no one
è venuto nessuno a chiamarmi?
has anyone called for me?
nessuna cosa
no thing, nothing at all, nothing
not a single one
niente (adv. a)
not at all, in no way;
far finta di niente
to feign ignorance
niente affatto
not at all
far niente
to do nothing
niente paura
no fear
finire in niente
to come to nothing
ci sono andato per niente
I went there for nothing
ridursi al niente
to be reduced to nothing
cosa da niente
trifles, mere nothings
nientedimeno, nientemeno (adv)
nothing less, not less;

nevvero (inter.)
Isn't it?

Isn't it so?

isn't it true?
Neh! (nterj.)
Look here! Indeed! I say! Isn't it!
ne (adv. pron.)
of it, of him, of her;
(obs) us, to us
take some of it
let's go
ne parlò con me
he spoke of it to me
aversene a male
to take it badly
però (conj.)
however, yet, but;

therefore, thereupon;

on that account
perocchè (conj.)
since, for;

mettersi insieme
to associate, to join together
mettere insieme
to collect, to put together, to assemble (machinery)
ma (conj.)
expression of doubt or incredulity
Ma che!
not at all!
Ma si!
Yes, of course!
Ma come!
Most assuredly! Without a doubt!
Coi se e coi ma non si fa nulla
nothing is accomplished by ifs and buts
mai (adv)
never, ever
mai piu
never again
quanto mai
very much indeed
tante mai cose
so many things
come mai!
how is that?
piu che mai
more than ever
caso mai

se mai
if ever, in case, if by chance
non si se mai
you never can tell
pertanto (adv.)
therefore, still;


fintantochè (adv.)
till, until
contro (prep.)
against, opposite to
dar contro
to oppose, to criticize
contro il muro
against the wall
contro assegno
cash on delivery
contro pagamento
against payment
contuttochè (conj.)
contuttociò (adv.)
invece (adv. prep.)
instead, instead of

on the contrary
poscia (adv)
after, then, afterwards
poscia che (conj.)
since, after
meglio tardi che mai
better late than never
ne hai?
have you got some?
innanzi (prep. adv.)
before, forward;

in the presence of;


in front
tirare innanzi
to carry on, to muddle through
annanzi tutto
first of all
d'ora innanzi
from now on
farsi innanzi
to come forward
innanzi tempo
before time
andare innanzi
to go on, to proceed
innanzi negli anni
well on in years
andare troppo innanzi
to go too far
sopra, sovra (prep)
on, upon, above, over;
(as prefix) super-, extra-, over-, sur- (thus used the following consonant is usually doubled)
è sopra i sessant'anni
he's upwards of sixty;
he's in his sixties
insieme (adv)
together, jointly;

at the same time
sino domani
till tomorrow
sino dove?
how far?
sino d'allora
since then
mentre (conj.)
while, whilst;

un tale
a certain man
in tale ocasione
on such an occasion
small bit, a trifle

soupcon, suspicion
tanto piu
the more
tanto quanto
as much as
tanti quanti
as many as
at any rate
fuorchè (adv., conj)
save, except, saving;

fuoravia! (interj)
get out of the way!

Get out!
fuori (prep. adv.)
out, outside;
out, outside;
fuori di mano
out of the way
essere fuori di sè
to be beside oneself
fuori di casa
out (to visitors),

out of doors
il di fuori
the outside
fuori di tempo
fuori d'uso
obsolete, out of date
dal di fuori
from without
fuori pericolo
out of danger
fuori pasto
between meals
fuori di posto
out of place
fuori servizio
off duty, out of action
fuori di strada

fuori di vista
out of sight
fuori misura
beyond measure
mettere fuori
to expose for sale
Fuori! (theatrical)
Recall (for curtain)
tale quale
exactly alike
in tale occasione
on such an occasion
immediately, at once, as soon as
ogni tanto
every now and then
La Signora Tale dei Tali
Mrs. So and So
talmente (adv)
to such a degree, so much, to such an extent, in such a way
di tanto in tanto
from time to time
a tal punto
to such a degree
sometimes, at times, now and then
una volta tanto
for this once only
ridursi a tale che
to be in such a state
somebody, someone, some people
tanto (adv, a)
so, much;

so much, to such a degree, to such an extent;
just; so long, so many, so great
tre volte tanto
three times as much
tante vale
one may as well
io non sono da tanto
I'm not up to it
tanto che vivrò
so long as I live
nemmeno per sogno
I shouldn't dream of it
son qui
I am here
di qui non si passa
no thoroughfare

no admittance here
qui presso
near here, close by
venite di qui
come this way
quia (adv)
venire al quia
to come to the point.
quondam (adv)
formerly, late (deceased)
quanto (adv)
how, how much
per quanto sia forte
for all his strength
quanto a me
as for me
in quanto che
inasmuch as
per quanto strano sembri
as strange as it may seem
quanti siamo
how many are we?
such, so, like
in tale ocasione
on such an occasion
tanto che
so that
tanto meglio
so much the better
tanto quanto basta
just enough
per tanto
piu che tanto
not much, little
tanti grandi tanti piccoli
the great and the small
se tanto mi da tanto
at such a rate, if things go on like this
nemmanco, nemmeno
not even
nativo di qui
native of this place
da qui a qui
from here to here
di qui a domani
from now until tomorrow
di qui a due giorni
in two days, two days hence
stare al quia
to be reasonable
quivi (adv)
there, then
hence, from here
in quanto a
as for, with regard to
bella quant'altra mai
as beautiful as can be
quanto agli altri
as for the others
per quanto si dica
whatever they may say
quanto (pron)
how much
adesso (adv0
now, at the present time