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Who is "Nohbdy"?
Who is Polyphemus?
Who is his father?
Why is Polyphemus' father mad at Odysseus?
B/c he stabbed him in the eye
What dies King Aeolus give Odysseus?
Bag of bad winds
What type of animal does Circe turn Odysseus' men into?
Describe Scylla.
6 headed monster...12 legs...
Which creature creates a whirlpool?
Why is this significant to Odysseus and his crew?
B/c thats how 6 of his men die.
Which creature lures men to death with a song?
What fatal mistake do Odysseus' men make after landing on the Island of Helios?
they drank the wine
Who is Tiresias of Thebes?
Where does he live?
King of the Underworld...
Why does Odysseus have to force 3 of his men to leave the Land of the Lotus Eaters?
They will get eaten
Why can't the men escape when the cyclops leaves the cave?
The bolder was in the way
How do Odysseus and his men escape the cave?
by clinging to the bellies of the sheep
Why doesn't Circe turn Odysseus into a pig?
B/c he ate the magic plant
Why do Odysseus' men ask to leave the island of Circe?
they are being poisoned
Who is Eurylochus and why do he and Odysseus have conflict?
One of Odysseus' men...B/c he questions Odysseus
At the end of the visit to Circe, Odysseus dreads the trip home. Why?
B/c he knows his men will die
What happens when Odysseus returns home?
There are 100 suitors living in his palace trying to marry Penelope and take over his fortune and so he disguises himself as a beggar and visits the palace
How is a bow significant to the story?
Odysseus is the only one who can string the bow
How does Penelope prove that Odysseus is really who he says he is?
the tree bed
Who are the significant characters/ creatures from each book of the Odyssey? What archetypes do they fit?
Cyclops-devil figure
Circe-The Temptress