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what is an extraordinarily strategic step in the legistlative process? --Senator George Norris once described it as the "third house of congress."
the conference committee stage
What are the two broad categories of powers possessed by congress?
A)legislative - the basis on which it makes law
B)non-legislative - the basis on which it performs other functions closely related to its role as the national lawmaking body.
what is designed to bolster domestic industry against foreign competition, NOT to raise revenue?
Protective Tariff
what is one, which must be borne by the person upon whom it is imposed. I.E. income taxes, and property taxes?
a direct tax
what is one, which is passed on to somebody else through the price of a product. I.E. sales taxes, excise taxes?
a indirect tax
which of the constitution has done more to develop a strong national union than any other provision of that document?
the commerce clause
what gives congress the power "to coin money and regulate the value thereof."?
the "currency power"
what led to the creation of our federal reserve system?
the borrowing power of congress
what is a legal proceeding for the distribution of a debtor's asset? It is a concurrent power.
If one is declared a "debto" his debts are what?
adjusted downward without actually becoming bankrupt
what is exclusive right of an auther or assignee to print and publish his or her literary work?
what is the exclusive right to manufacture, use, sell any new an duseful art, machine, etc.?
congress may only appropiate money for "armies" for what period of time?---this is intended to insure what?
two year period
civilian control over the armed forces
what are the four specific crimes the congress itself may only punish?
B)felonies on the high seas
C)offenses against the law of nations
The basis for any what?--must always be found among what?
implied power
expressed powers
What is a device used in the british house of commons?
"question hour"
What is the period during which each separate congress remains in session between elestions?--Each congress is number by what? and has a lifespan of what?---Each term is divided into what?
two years
two yearly sessions
As a result of congress passes what? which fixed the permanent membership of the house at what?
The Reapportionment act of 1929

reapportion (__________) every what?---after the census. What prepares the apportionment plan for the president. Unless congress changes it, it becoes law after what? This has led to what?--in the past
ten years
The Bureau of the Census
sixty days
Often the party in power would redraw districts to its own advantage. This practice is called what?
1946,_____________, the supreme court says that apportionment questions were political, not judicial, therefore the courts could offer no remedy?
1962,_______________, the court reversed itself. It said that apportionment questions involving state legislative districts could be brought before the court, and the courts could provide legal remedies.
1964, __________________, the supreme court ended the practice or gerrymandering completely. This trial established the principle of "one man, one vote."---The court demanded two things..what are they?
1)that congressional districts be of a reasonably compact shape
2)each districts in a state contain approximately the same number of people
What is the second most powerful elected position in the united states?
the speaker of the house
each house requires the services of a staff of non-elected officials...what are they?
1)a sergeant-at-arms:to keep order
2)the legislative counsel:to write and review bills
What are examples of expressed powers?
-to coin money
-to regulate interstate commerce
-to declare war
-to set up a post office
What requires a two-thirds vote by both houses, and approval by three-fourths of the states(38), usually with a time limit?
What is a newly proposed law?
what can formally introduce a bill into either the house or the senate. Bills are originate from four sources. (1) Private individuals and special interest groups (2) the administration - either the white house itself directly or through executive.
only a member of congress
since 1946 each standing committee has been assigned a minimum of how many staff members and how many clerks? Staff member of these committees __________ establish policy.
What uncooperative congressmen may find themselves deprived of campaign contributions or may face unexpected opposition at the polls?
a bill which merely states the views or opinions of one house of the other, of which seeks information from the executive branch is called what?--Such a bill agreed upon by both houses is called what?---a joint resolution requires what?---both houses can pass what?--without the president's approval. These DO NOT carry the force of law.
-the signature of the president and it does have the force of law
The process of what in the congressional record and the journal satisfies the requirements of a FIRST READING?
printing the number and title of a bill
what is a pigeonhole?
i.e. they set it aside indefinitely
decisions on bills are not made during public hearings. They are made in what meetings call what?. At the conclusion of such meeting the committee prepares what?. Their decision is almost always final.