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The relief given to an innocent party to enforce a right or compensate for the violation of a right
One who initiates a lawsuit
One against whom a lawsuit is brought; accused person in a criminal proceeding
Constitutional Law
The body of law derived from the US Constitution and the constitutions of various states
Statutory Law
The body of law enacted by legislative bodies
criminal law
Laws that defines and governs actions that constitute crimes. Generally, criminal law has to do with wrongful actions committed against society for which society demands redress
A method of settling disputes outside of court by using services of a neutral third party, who acts as a communicating agent between the parties and assists them in negotiating a settlement
Exclusive jurisdiction
Jurisdiction that exists when a case can be heard only in a particular type of court
small claims court
A special court in which parties may litigate small claims (such as $5,000 or les) Attornies are not required in these courts, in some states, they aren't allowed to represent the parties
Statements made by the plaintiff and the defendent in a lawsuit that detail the facts, charges, and defenses involved in the litigation. The complaint and answer are part of the pleadings.
The pleadins made by a plaintiff alleging wrongdoing on the part of the defendant; the document that, when filed with a court, initiates a lawsuit
A document informing a defendant that a legal action has been commenced against him or her and that the defendent must appear in court on a certain date to answer the plaintiff's complaint. The document is delivered by a sheriff or any other person so authorized.
counter claim
A claim made by a defendant in a civil lawsuit against the plaintiff. In effect, the defendant is suing the plaintiff.
Alternative dispute resolution, a process in which parties attempt to settle their dispute informally, with or without attorneys to represent them.
concurrent jurisdiction
Jurisdiction that exists when two different courts have the power to hear a case. For example, som cases can be heard in federal or a state court.