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What is a "project code"?
They identify requisitions and related documents that apply to specific projects or programs.
What is the format for a project code?
What does the format of a project code indicate?
1) Alpha = type of activity or weapon.
2) Alpha = reason.
3) Numeric = cause/effect.
What does project code "AKO" indicate?
O-level = MC
What does project code "AK7" indicate?
O-level = PMC
What does project code "ZA9" indicate?
O-level = NMC
What priority code designates that an item is a forced high-time removal item that is required for immediate end use on primary mission weapons systems?
Where can a complete listing of Project Codes be found?
1) MILSTRIP/MILSTRAP Manual-NAVSUP Publication 437.
2) Afloat Supply Procedures-NAVSUP Publication 485.
What does "CAGE" stand for?
Entity Code
Who assigns cages to manufactures?
Federal Government
What "Control Codes" dictate that a peice of gear is a turn-in repairable?
What does the 1st position of an SM&R code identify?
It shows the source from which you can acquire the item for replacement.
What does the 2nd position of a SM&R code indicate?
It indicates either the restrictions on acquiring the item or the level of maintenance required to manufacture or assemble the item.
What does the 3rd position of a SM&R code indicate?
Lowest maintenance level authorized to R/R and use the item.
What does the 4th position of the SM&R code show?
It shows who the lowest maintenance level that is authorized to complete the repair.
What does the 5th digit of an SM&R code indicate?
It shows the recoverability code.(Who can condemn the item).
What is the point of the 6th position in an SM&R code?
To further define certain conditions not covered by the Maintenance and Recoverability codes. (third fourth and fifth positions)
What is the NAVSUPINST 4423.14?
Uniform Source, Maintenance and Recoverability (SM&R) Codes.
What is the NAVAIRINST 4423.3?
Policies, Procedures, Responsibilities for Assignment and Application of Uniform Source, Maintennance and Recoverability (SM&R) Codes.
Which NAVSUP publication is issued in microfiche?
What does the NAVSUP Publication "MCRL" provide?
It shows cross-reference information from a reference number (P/N, drawing #, or design control #) to its NSN.
Within what department does the line division fall under?
Who is the department head of the line division?
The AMO.
What are the 3 branches of the line division?
1) Troubleshooters.
2) Support Equipment.
3) Plane Captain.
Which branch of the line division makes up 75-95% of all personnel assigned?
Plane Captain Branch.
What is the difference between shore based squadrons and sea-going squadrons in regards to the line division?
Only shore-based squadrons have an SE Branch.
Who designates an individual as being a PC?
How far from an A/C being refueled must spark-producing materials be kept?
100 feet.
What are the 4 NO STEP areas of an A/C?
1) Aft center body.
2) Upper speed brake.
3) Area behind canopy.
4) Area aft of overwing fairings.
What 3 maintenance platforms can be used to reach upper areas of an A/C?
1) B-4.
2) B-5A.
3) B-1.
What maintenance platform is a suitable substitute for a B-5A?
When refueling an A/C, how far from an operating radar should your A/C be?
75 feet.
What is the minimum number of people that should be on a refueling crew?
How is the type of fuel in a refueling truck identified?
6 inch high red letters on a 8 inch high white reflective tape.
How are MOST naval A/C refueled?
By pressure.
Where can illustrations and instructions for pressure fueling be found.
"General and Servicing" section of the MIMS.
What is NAVAIR 00-80T-109.
Aircraft Refueling NATOPS Manual.
How are A/C engine oils identified?
By a MILSPEC number or a 4 digit number.
If an oil is identified by a 4 digit number what does that number mean?
1st digit = intended use.
2nd digit = viscosity.
What is "Viscosity"?
The internal fluid resistance to flow caused by molecular attraction.
What method does the Navy and Air Force use to determine viscosity?
Saybolt scale.
How are A/C hydraulic fluids identified?
By their MILSPEC number.
What is NAVAIR 01-1A-17?
Aviation Hydraulics Manual.
What is the MS 28889-1?
High pressure air valve.
Does the MS 28889-1 have a valve core?
If an A/C weighs 20,000 pounds what is the shore-based tire pressure?
310 pounds.
How heavy must an A/C on a carrier be to have the tires pressurized to 350 psi?
ALL A/C tires should be maintained at 350 PSI regardless of gross weight.
What is a PON-6?
The preoiler is a portable hand pump with a 3 gallon capacity.
How is the meter of a PON-6 calibrated?
Inner scale = quarts.
Outter scale = ounces.
What is the HSU-1?
Hydraulic fluid servicing unit.
The disposable filter of an HSU-1 is of what caliber?
3 micron.
What volume of the OPNAVINST 4790.2 covers the NAMSOP?
Volume 5.
What does MEASURE stand for?
System for
Recall and
What is the DD Form 2026?
Oil Analysis Request Form
What is the NAVAIR 01-1A-17?
Aviation Hydraulics Manual.
What is the A6-332A0-GYD-000?
ABO Surveillance Program Laboratory Manual and Field Guide.
What is the OPNAVINST 5100.23?
Navy Occupational Safety and Health Program Manual.
How can a conditional inspection be defined?
Unscheduled events required as the result of a specific overlimit condition.
What is a Zonal Inspection?
A general inspection of a specific area of an A/C.
What is development?
The process of enhancing your personal and professional skills to increase your individual value.
What does "IDP" stand for?
What is an IDP?
A document that is used to track an individuals progress toward career, professional, and personal growth.
What is "mentoring"?
Mentoring is a means of personal and professional development.
What is "situational mentoring"?
The right help at the right time provided when a protege needs guidance and advice.
What are the 4 characteristics of formal mentoring?
1) Has a beginning and an end.
2) Has a method for no-fault termination.
3) Has a formal matching process.
4) Multiple checkpoints.
What is key to a leader being able to stimulate, reward and gain support of their sailors?
Motovational theory.
What are the 2 types of motivation?
What is "intrinsic motovation"?
The desire to engage one's interests and excise one's capabilities.
In what year was the Navy Commendation Medal authorized?
For what action can the Navy Commendation Medal be awarded?
Heroic action, outstanding achievement or meritorious service.
When was the Navy Achievement Medal authorized and by what office?
January 24, 1962 by the Secretary of the Navy.
Under what conditions can a "V" be worn on the NAM?
When the medal is awarded for combat related actions.
What does PSR stand for?
What is the purpose of the PSR?
It is a summary of the enlisted professional information.
What does the PSR contain?
1) Performance history
2) Personal decorations
3) Evals for E4 and above.
What does EDVR stand for?
The PSR contains the same information as what document?
What What document was designed to replace every sailors paper-based record?
Enlisted Summary Record (ESR)
Where can the Electronic Training jacket be found?
Navy Training and Management and Planning Systems (NTMPS)
What does "MCA" stand for?
Manning Control Authority
What are the 4 MCA's?
What are the MCA's responsible for?
Manning all enlisted billets.
Who computes the Navy Manning Plan (NMP)?
Who monitors unit readiness and forwards unit personnel requirements to the MCA's?
Type Commander
What is the purpose of the "Professional Development Vector" of the "5 Vector Model" (5VM)?
It involves your carrent status and future requirements in your primary rating or community.
What is the purpose of the "Personal Development Vector" of the 5VM?
It provides the means to identify and gain the valuable life skills an individual needs to be successful in their personal life.