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I looked...
I looked in the mirror the other day and a horrifying thought came to mind, “I’m fat.”
Now, this started to....
Now, this started to worry me some so I thought on it the entire day and then I went to lunch.
I was kind of...
I was kind of depressed so I didn’t eat much.
Then a revelation...
Then a revelation hit me, “Oh no, thinking you’re fat is the first sign of anorexia.”
I could be...
I could be starving to death and not even know it.
Maybe that is why...
Maybe that is why I can’t get a date;
I'm so..
I’m so scrawny I scare the ladies away.
And then I continued...
And then I continued to consider this, and I thought, “Oh no, what if I really am fat?”
I could be seconds...
I could be seconds away from a heart attack.
Maybe the girls...
Maybe the girls think I’m a disgusting blob and that is why I’m single.
I couldn't ask...
I couldn’t ask anyone because either I’d find out that I’m anorexic or huge.
So I began...
So I began to think of a way to solve this issue.
Then I realized....
Then I realized that I must simply come to terms and look at the positives of one of these issues.