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monolithic (adj)
solidly uniform; unyielding
moratorium (n)
legal delay of payment
mordant (adj)
biting; sarcastic, stinging
moribund (adj)
mote (n)
small speck
motility (n)
ability to move spontaneously
mountebank (n)
charlatan; boastful pretender
mulct (v)
defraud a person of something
multifarious (adj)
varied; greatly diversified
munificent (adj)
very generous
nadir (n)
lowest point
natation (n)
natty (adj)
neatly or smartly dressed
nebulous (adj)
vague; hazy, cloudy
neophyte (n)
recent convert; beginner
nexus (n)
nib (n)
beak; pen point
nicety (n)
precision; minute distinction
niggle (v)
spend too much time on minor points; carp
nihilist (n)
one who considers traditional beliefs to be groundless and existence
nip (V)
stop something's growth or development
noisome (adj)
foul-smelling; unwholesome
nomenclature (n)
terminology; system of names
nominal (adj)
in name only; trifling
nonplus (v)
bring to a halt by confusion; perplex
nostrum (n)
questionable medicine
notoriety (n)
disrepute; ill fame
nugatory (adj)
futile; worthless
obdurate (adj)
obeisance (n)
oblique (adj)
indirect; slanting (deviating from a straight line)
oblivion (n)
obscurity; forgetfulness
obloquy (n)
slander; disgrace; infamy
obsequy (n)
funeral ceremony
obsidian (n)
black volcanic rock
obstreperous (adj)
boisterous; noisy
obtrude (v)
push (oneself, one's ideas) forward or intrude; butt in; stick out
or extrude
obtuse (adj)
blunt; stupid
obviate (v)
make unnecessary; get rid of
occident (n)
the west
occlude (v)
shut; close
odious (adj)
hateful; vile
odium (n)
detestation; hatefulness; disrepute
odoriferous (adj)
giving off an odor
officious (adj)
meddlesome; excessively pushy in offering one's services
oligarchy (n)
government by a privileged few
onerous (adj)
onslaught (n)
vicious attack
opprobrium (N)
infamy; vilification
oracular (adj)
prophetic; uttered as if with divine authority