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Name 3 diff between CRT and LCD or flat panel monitor.
CRT- larger, uses more power, produces more heat, uses refresh to create image LCD more detail, weighs less, more power efficient. SIZE, POWER CONSUMPTION, AND LEVEL OF "FLICKER"
Element/Unit of measurement of light.
Front cover or frame of a display or desktop.
Dot Pitch?
Expressed as a decimal, the lower the number the better the image quality.
Contrast Ratio?
Measurement of the diff in light between the brightest white and the darkest black.
Dots per inch.
Smallest element on the screen, picture element.
Refresh Rate?
Meas in hertz, the number of times per second a monitor redraws the entire screen.
Meas by the number of horizontal and vertical pixels.
Active matrix, provides great clarity, widely used mostly in notebooks. Thin Film Transistor.
First Page Out Time, including warmup.
Pages per Minute.
Multi-funcion printer.
Duty Cycle?
Suggested maximum print production for a specific printer and application.
3 Printer Quote Wrap Items?
Cartridges/Toner, Extended Warranty, Drum Kits, Cleaning Kits, Leasing/tax advantages, Specialty Paper.
5 Printer types on the market?
Plotter, Laser, Ink Jet, Thermal, Multi-function, Photo, Solid Ink
Impact/Dot Matrix, Inkjet/ Bubble Jet, Laser..
D- low qual image, very fast, multi-part forms. B- high cost for cartridges, low cost with acquisition. L- highest text quality, great T.C.O.- total cost of ownership
5 solution questions for printing?
1. End users? 2. Need Color applications? 3. How much printing is outsourced? 4. Tracking printer outputs to cost center? 5. Privacty Issues/ Security?
5 product-oriented questions for printing?
1. Network Applications? 2. Size of paper? 3. Volume of paper? 4. Graphic interface? 5. Multiple use? 6. Add'l memory? 7. Operation noise level?
3 form factors for an office PC?
Slimline, Standard, Tower
4 models of processors?
Pentium D, Celeron D, Pentium 4, Pentium 4-HT, Core Duo.
5 internal components of a networked PC?
1. NIC card 2. RAM 3. CPU 4. Motherboard 5. App Software 6. Optical Drive
3 Items that can be plugged into a motherboard?
Sound Card, NIC card, Video card, Firewire