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What are the 7 stages of molting?
1)Apolysis-cuticle loosen from epidermis forming exuvial space
2)Release of molting fluid (inactive) chitinase/proteinase.
3)Cuticulan layer produced
4)Molting fluids activated (endocuticle and some exo disolve)
5)Secretion of procuticle (albino-like)
6)Ecdysis-escape and expand new cuticle
7)Scleritization+wax,cement layers
What is an ecdysial suture?
A line of weakness between adjacent sclerites that breaks during molting
How is an ecdysial suture formed?
Gulping air, or hydrostatic pressure of blood
What is metamorphisis?
Change in form
What are the two processes of metamorphisis?
1)Histolysis- The breakdown and disintegration of organic tissue. (Also called histodialysis)
2)Histogenesis-The formation and development of bodily tissues
What is are 2 charecteristics of SIMPLE ametabolism? Give an example
a)wingless insects-w/o metamorphosis
b)subtle changes..adults have functional genetalia
c)Thysanura, Collembola