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How do you say My name is..?
Je m'appelle...
How do you say his/her name is...?
Il/Elle s'appelle...
How do you ask What is your name?
Comment t'appelles - tu?
How do you say I am ... years old?
J'ai .... ans.
How do you say He/She is ... years old?
Il/Elle a .... ans.
How do you ask How old are you?
Quel a(tremain)ge as-tu?
How do you say I live in...?
J'habite a(accent grave) ....
How do you say He/She lives in...?
Il/Elle habite a(accent grave) ....
How do you say Wednesday, January 27?
le mercredi 27 janvier
What are the 4 nationality words to describe a male we learned?
ame(accent agu on e) ricain, que(accent agu)be(accent agu) cois, franc(cidilla on c) ais, and africain
What are the 4 nationality words we learned to describe a female?
ame(accent agu)ricaine, africaine, que(accent agu)be(accent agu) coise, franc(cidilla)aise
How do you ask What nationality are you?
Tu es quelle nationalite(accent agu)?
HOw do you say I am...?
Je suis...
What happens to the "s" on the end of suis when the next word starts with a consonant? With a vowel?
it is silent in front of a consonant but pronounced like a "z" before a vowel
What is the capital of France?
What does "bouche" mean?
Name other parts of the head.
nez, oreilles, te(circumflexe)te, yeux
What is a "fene(circumflexe)tre"?
a window
What is a teacher's desk?
What are the two names for the trash can?
la poubelle et la corbeille
What is the classroom called?
La Salle de Classe
What does an accent agu do?
it makes the e go a
What does an accent grave do?
it either makes the e go eh or changes the meaning of the word
Tell about Cs.
when they are before e or i they are soft. before a o or u they hard unless there is a cedilla. do not add a cedilla to a c before an e or an i.