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concrete vs. abstract
common vs. propper
peson, place, thing, or idea
concrete- you can touch it
abstract-it is intangeable
common- general, not capitalized
propper- specific, capitalized
renames a noun
a word that expreses action or a state of being
v. that links or connects a sub.with a n.
helps the main verb
expresses physical or mental action
modifies a noun or pronoun
modifies a verb,adj, or anoter adv
a word that showsthe relationship between a noun or pronounand another word in the sentance
a word that joins words or group of words
a word that expresses strong emotion
simple and complete
subject- tells whom or what the sentance is about
simple-main word or words in the sub.
complete-consists of all the words to tell whom or what the sentance is about
simple and complete
is the part that says something about the sub.
simple- main word in complete pred.
complete-all words that say things about the sub.
direct object
a noun or a pronoun that recives the action of the verbor shows the result of the action. answera the ? whom or what
indirect object
n. or pron. that comes between the verband the d.o. it tells to whom, to what, for whom, or for what
predicate nominative/noun
is a nounor pronoun that follows a linking verb and explains or identifies the subject of the sentence
predicate adj.
an adj. that follows a linking verb and describes the sub. of the sentence
gerund and gerund phrase
in verb formacting as a noun usually ending in "ing"
part. and part. phr.
-is a verb form that can be used as an adj.
-consists of a part. together with its modifiers and compliments used as an adj.
infinitive and inf. phrase
-is a verb form, usually preceded by "to",that can be used as a n. adj, adv
-consists of an inf. phrase togrther with its modifiers and compliments