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What are the three classes of mollusks?
gastropods, bivalves and cephalopods
Give an example of a mollusk.
a snail
Give an example of a bivalve.
Give an example of a cephalopod.
Give the characteristics of a slug or snail.
A slug has a coiled shell, a broad foot, and has a head with sensory antennae.
Give the characteristics of the bivalve animal called a scallop.
A scallop has a two piece shell, a flat internal shaped foot, and no head.
Describe a squid from the cephalopod group of mollusks.
Squid have a small shell within the body, tentacles with suckers instead of a foot, and have a head with large eyes and a well developed brain.
What are the main characteristics of mollusks?
an invertebrate with a soft unsegmented body, usually have a hard external shell with a thin layer of tissue coveing the internal organs, and most have a muscular foot.
What is a mantle?
a thin layer of tissue that covers mollusk's internal organs.
Describe how gastropods move.
slide on a layer of mucous produced by a foot
How do bivalves move?
they are mostly immobile though some pull themselves with a foot or swim by clapping their shells together.
How do cephalopods move?
Cephalopods swim by using tentacles or by squirting water out of their siphon.
Describe how a gastropod feeds.
Gastropods can be carnivors, scavengers or herbivores and use radula to scrape off food.
How do bivalves feed?
Bivalves strain their food from water. They use gills to capture food as they breathe.
How do cephalopods feed?
Cephalopods are carnivores and use tentacles to capture prey.
Describe the habitat of gastropods.
Gastropods are mostly aquatic and found on the floor of marine or fresh water
Describe the habitat of bivalves.
Bivalves are all aquatic and live mostly in marine waters. They are on the floor or sometimes attached to rocks or seawalls.