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What is the purpose of the bones in the skull?
To protect the brain and structures related to it.
What are the soft spots in the skull of newborns called?
Frontal bone
Cranial bone -- forms the forehead and sockets that contain the eyes
Parietal bone
Cranial bone -- forms the roof and upper part of the sides of the cranium
Temporal bone
Cranial bone -- form the lower sides and base of the cranium. Each bone encloses an ear and contains a fossa joining with the mandible (lower jaw)
Occipital bone
Cranial bone -- forms the back and base of the skull.
Sphenoid bone
Cranial bone -- extends behind the eyes and forms part of the base of the skull.
Ethmoid bone
Cranial bone -- supports the nasal cavity and forms part of the orbits of the eyes.