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What defines an international event?
typically is defined as one where at least 15% of attendees reside outside the host country, or the audience is from 3+ countries.
What is VAT?
Value-added Taxes (VATs) common in EU countries and more. The level of VAT varies between 5-25%
What is pyramidal communication?
Communication in countries where the boss is never challenged. All he says is implemented. A subordinate will never speak in the presence of the boss.
What is an egalitarian culture?
People tend to look for the success of the group before their own.
What is a monochronic environment?
People tend to do one thing at a time
What is a polychronic environment?
people tend to do several things at once. Loosely follow an agenda, but jump from piont to point.
What is a concern re: language at international events?
speakers should be careful with humer and jargon.
Why is it important to know tradition and context at international events?
Could offend someone by pointing the sole of your shoe toward them, etc.