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occurence of certain behavioral problem 6more symptoms sic or mor symptoms of hyperactivity
obtain information by asking many individuals to answer a fixed set of wuestioms about particular subjects
case study
in-depth analysis of the thought feelings beliefs experiences behaviors or problem of an individual
method for iding cause-effect relationships fy following a set of rules and guidlines that min. the poss of error bias and chance occurence
statement insupport of a particular viewpoint based on personal experience
self fullfilling preophecy
sit which a person has a strog beliewf or makes a statement about a futre behavior and then acts usually unknowingly to fulfill or carry our that behavior
intervention taking a pill receiving an injection or undergoing an operation with no medical effect
plecebo effect
change inthe parient's illness that is attributed to an imagined treatment rather than to a medical treatment
association or relationship between the occurrence of two or more events
correlation coefficient
# indicates the strength of a relationship between 2 or more events closer to 1 or -1 greater teh strength
one on one sit asking questions ranging form open ended to highly structured about a subjects behavior
method for obtaining info by asking subjects to read a list of written questions and to check off or rate their preference for specific answers
laboratory experiment
technique gather info by studing behavior in a controlled environment permits the careful manipulation of some treatment and measurement of the treatment effects on behavior
standardized test
test that has been given to hundreds of people shown that it has reliablity
animal model
approach to studing soem human problem sit or desease by observing testing and measuring changes under approxconditions
naturalistic setting
relative normal envir in which researchers gather info by observing indiv behaviors without attepting to change or control the sit
lab setting
envir. which ind may be studied under systematic and controlled conditions thus eliminating many of the real world influences
scientific method
general approach to gathering information and sewering questions so that errors and biases are min.
identifying cause effect relationships by following a set of rules and guidelines that min the possibility of error
educated guess about some phenomenon stated inprecise concrete language so as to rele out any confusion or error in the meaning of its terms
idependent variable
treatment or something else that the researcher controls or manipulates
dependent variable
experiment one or more of the subjects behavior that are used to measure the potential effects of the treatment or IV
random selection
each subject in a sample population has an equal chance of being selected to participate in the exper.
experimental group
subjects who receive the treatment
control group
sub. undergo all the ame procedures as the exper. except they do not receive the treatment
double-blind procedure
exp. design in which neither the researchers nor the subjects know which group is receiving which treatment
statistical procedured
experiments procedres to determine whether differences ovserced in DV are due to IV or to error or chance occurence
procedure administied to subjects after experiment to min any portential neg effects