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Name the freq ranges.
LF 30-300 Kz
MF 300kz 3-mhz
HF 3-30 mhz
VHF 30-300 mhz
UHF 300 mhz-3 ghz
SHF 3-30 ghz
EHF 30-300 ghz
What is the process of eliminating an undesired portion of a signal?
Reception is known as what?
When an electromagnetic wave passes through a receiver antenna and iduces a voltage in that antenna
What is the separation of low freq from high freq known as?
What is the process of croverting electrical signals into sound waves?
Balanced phase detector?
A circuit that controls the oscillator Freq.
What is fidelity?
The ability to accurately reproduce at its output the signal at its input
What is a transmitter?
Generates an rf carrier, modulates it with intelligence, amplifies it, and applies it to an antenna.
What is an antenna coupler?
A device used for impedance mataching between an antenna and a transmitter or receiver.
What is a receiver?
Receives electromagnetic energy and converst it to a visible or audible form
What is a patch panel used for?
To tie a receiver to transmitter to its associated equipment.
What is a passive satellite?
One that reflects radio signals back to earth.
What is a active satellite?
One that amplifies the received signal and retransmits it back to earth.
What is UP Link?
Freq used to transmit signal from earth to a satellite.
What is Down Link?
Freq used to transmit signal from statellite to earth.
What is it called when the satellite moves at the same speed as the earth?
synchronous orbit
What is it called when a satellite is the closest to the earth?
What is the greatest distance a satellite is to the earth called?
What is the angle of inclination?
The angular difference between the equatorial plane of the earth and the plane of the orbit of the satellite.
What is a polar orbit?
Orbit that has an angle of inclination of or near 90 degrees.
What is a medium altitude orbit?
An orbit from 2000 to 12000 miles above the earth.