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a eso de (+tiempo) -
(at) about
a lo mejor
perhaps; maybe
a traves de
through; across
al contado
(in) cash
acabar por (+inf.)
to end up
a ratos
at times
al aire libre
outside; outdoors
como si (+pasado del subjuntivo)
as if
dar de lado
to leave out
dar la lata
to annoy
darse por (+ participio pasivo)
to consider oneself
dejar de (+inf)
to stop doing something
de segunda man
de hoy en adelante
from now on
de hoy en ocho/quince diase
a week/two weeks from now
de una vez
Once and for all
desde hace
since (a certain time)
dormir a pierna suelta
to sleep like a log/a baby
echar al correo
to mail
echar de menos
to miss (a person)
estar harto de/estar la coronilla
to be fed up with
echar la culpa
to blame
es decir
that is to say
estar para + inf
to be about to do something
estar por + inf.
to be in favor of doing something
estar salado
to be out of luck; to be inxed
garnarse las vida
to earn a living
hay que (+ inf.)
one most do something
llover a cántaros
to rain cats and dogs
mayor de edad
of legal age
no saber ni papa
to be totally at a loss; not to have a clue
no sólo ....sino también
not only ...but also
o sea
that is
oler a
to smell like
poner las mesa
to set the table
por si acaso
just in case
¡qué lio!
what a mess!
¡qué sé yo!
how should I know?
saber a
to taste like
tomarle el pelo a uno
to pull someone's leg