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What two main events in the political climate affected this period of time?
Western expansionism (England, Germany, France, America) and Asian imperialism (China and Japan)
The upheaval caused by western expansionism and Asian imperialism resulted in which revolutions or wars?
Boxer Rebellion, WWI, Bolshevik Revolution, WWII, Communist take-over in China, Korea, Vietnam, and the Middle East
What event happened that left a political void in Eastern Europe?
the collapse of Western Communism-socialism
What establishment caused the world to "shrink"? (the East and West were drawn together)
The United Nations
True or false: World social and economic problems increased during this time.
True (the Great Depression, population explosion, ocean and air pollution, global hunger, epidemic health concerns, and energy crisis)
What sector of the economy does the economy of this time flow from?
Industrial, rather than agrarian
True or False: 90% of the scientists that ever existed live today.
What three areas show the phenominal growth of the field of science?
Rapid expansion of technology, medical advances, and atomic power
What two worldviews replace secular optimism?
Nihilism and Existentialism
What worldview shows extreme skepticism with regard to value statements or moral judgements?
In what worldview does individual existence determine essence;man has absolute freedom of choice, but there are no rational criteria by which to make a choice; the general claim states that the universe is absurd with emphasis on alienation and anxiety?
What two people were part of the existentialist worldview?
Jean-Paul Sarte, Albert Camus
What percentage of the world is now Christian?
What year did the percentage of Christians in the world peak?
What are the eight tenets of postmodernism?
Social constructivism, cultural determinism, rejection of individual identity, rejection of humanism, denial of the transcendent, power reductionism, rejection of reason, revolutionary critique of the existing order
Which tenet of postmodernism does this statement describe?

Meaning, morality, and truth do not exist objectively, society constructs them.
Social constructivism
Which tenet of postmodernism does this statement describe?

Cultural forces, especially language, wholly shape individuals.
Cultural determinism
Which tenet of postmodernism does this statement describe?

People exist primarily as members of groups- collective identity
Rejection of individual identity
Which tenet of postmodernism does this statement describe?

Groups assert their own value by replacing traditional humanistic values of creativity, autonomy, and priority or human beings.
Rejection of Humanism
Which tenet of postmodernism does this statement describe?

Absolutes do not exist.
Denial of the transcendent
Which tenet of postmodernism does this statement describe?

Humanity's institutions, relationships, moral values, and creations result from the primal will to power.
Power reductionism
Which tenet of postmodernism does this statement describe?

Mankind used reason and the impulse to objectify truth as illusory masks for cultural power.
Rejection of reason
Which tenet of postmodernism does this statement describe?

A new world order must replace modern society with its rationalism, order, and unitary view truth.
Revolutionary critique of the existing order
Social constructivism goes against which two worldviews?
Neoclassicism, naturalism
Cultural determism combats what worldview?
Rejection of individual identity combats what worldview?
Rejection of Humanism combats the thought of what period of time?
Revolutionary critique of the existing order combats what view?
Which poet was labeled by some critics as the most controversial and influential poet of the twentieth century?
Thomas Sterns Eliot
Which poet was born in St. Louis, went to Harvard, studied at the Sorbonne and Merton College, worked in Lloyd's Bank, and became a director for Faber and Faber publishing?
Thomas Sterns Eliot
Whose principle works were Prufrock and Other Observations, The Waste Land, Ash Wednesday, and Four Quartets?
Thomas Sterns Eliot
Who wrote the Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock?
Thomas Sterns Eliot
What is the setting of The Love song of J. Alfred Prufrock?
"Polite society" and Prufrock's mind and heart
What is topic of The Love song of J. Alfred Prufrock?
passion conflicted with timidity
What two things marked Yeats' early works?
Sentimentality and mysticism
True or false: Eliot wrote his criticism from a Christian point of view.
True- he overturned the secular, humanistic attitude of the 1920s and 1930s.
Yeats studied French symbolists and what famous poet?
William Blake
What images filled Yeats' early works?
Shadowy images from the lost world of pagan Ireland
What poet was part of the Irish nationalist cause?
What social class did Yeats hate?
Merchant, middle class
What theater did Yeats help develop?
Abby Theatre
What poet was elected as a senator to the Irish senate?
In Yeats' work, what did a tower symbolize?
Spiritual security
In Yeats' work, what did a swan symbolize?
Strength, purity, immortality, loneliness, ecstasy of death
Who wrote Crossways and The Tower?
What was the theme of Easter 1916 and who wrote it?
Self-sacrifice to a cause elevtes the individual from mundane existence to herioc status; but such sacrifice can dehumanize a person as well. Yeats.
What was the theme of The Second Coming and who wrote it?
Political and social changes follow cyclic patterns; violent upheaval often accompanies these changes. Yeats.
What are the four major works of James Joyce?
Dubliners, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Ulysses, and Finnegans Wake
What is a bildungsroman and what does it detail?
A novel of education; details the development of youth through education
What is a kunstlerroman and what does it detail?
A novel of the artist; details the struggles of an artist agaisnt his environment and himself until he comes to an undertanding of himself and his creative mission.
What are the three major themes in all of Joyce's literature?
1. Ireland suffers moral paralysis and decay.
2. The "lost" engage in a search for a father figure.
3. The "lost" engage in a quest for self-identity.
In Joyce's narrative development, what two things does he eliminate and what technique does he employ?
Eliminates the omniscient narrator, explicit moralizing; employs a stream of consciousness technique
What are the six major motifs in The Dead?
art, identification, guilt and confession, escape, politics and religion, identity
Who wrote Waiting for Godot and Endgame?
The theater of the absurd was a drama that presented a view of the absurdity of the human condition by doing what two things?
Abandoning rational, dramatic convention and using non-realistic form
Does the theater of the absurd portray a pattern of images or a series of connected incidents?
A pattern of images
True or false: The theater of the absurd presents people as bewildered beings in an incomprehensible universe.
What does the chess imagery in Endgame suggest?
The end of things- escatology
an agnostic holocaust echoing the crucifixion and judgment but lacking a sense of completion found in those biblical events
Which author did not recieve a formal education and grew up in extreme poverty?
Who wrote The Stranger, The Myth of Sisyphus, and The Plague?
What worldview is Camus associated with?
What are the central themes in Camus' work?
Exile, revolt, happiness, responsibility in a meaningless world
In The Guest, what does the landscape symbolize?
Isolation- total physical and suggested moral isolation
Who wrote The Trial, the Castle, and Amerika?
What technique emphasizes the expression of imagination as realized in dreams and presented without conscious control?
In modern literature, what two techniques replace realism and naturalism in much of modern literature?
Surrealism and symbolism
What are the five major ideas in Metamorphosis?
powerlessness, cultural estrangment, alienation, meaninglessness, and social isolation
What are the two categories of Black American writers?
Accommodationists and protest writers
What did accommodationalist Black American writers try to do?
Advance the black cause withing the guidelines set up by white society (Booker T. Washington)
What did Black American protest writers try to do?
Protested against the white expections of Black citizens (Frederick Douglass, Richard Wright, Ralph Ellison)
What three attributes did writings from the Harlem Renaissance share?
1. Roots in black folk culture.
2. Used characters from real life experience and black stereotypes.
3. Used street language and dialect rather than white, middle class language.
What book did Ralph Ellison recieve the National Book Award for?
The Invisible Man
What is the theme of the Invisible Man?
Individuals can discover their self-identity and freedom via a journey from spiritual (internal) darkness to spiritual light.
Who wrote Uncle Tom's Children and Native Son?
What worldview influenced Wright?
True or false: In The Man Who Was Almost a Man, Wright focuses on racial issues.
False- He focuses on the difficult passage from adolescence to maturity, the vulnerability of fragile personalities, self-identity as defined from without
Which author offers a picture of Igbo society?
What Igbo concept expresses the fundamental image of the balance in a person's life?
Who wrote Requiem?
What were the major works of Solzhenitsyn?
One Day in the life of Ivan Denisovich, August,1914, Cancer Ward, The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956: An Experiment in Literary Investigation
Who wrote Matryona's Home?
What is a hagiography?
A saint's life
What is the theme of Matryona's Home?
Greed, indifference, misunderstanding and the desire for unnecessary luxury provide a universal backdrop for manipulation of others.