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Who explained Mendel's work in terms of genes and chromosomes?
Thomas H. Morgan
Organism used by Thomas Morgan
fruit fly
Gene theory
-Chromosmes are in a row
- Traits which are inherited together are controlled by gene linkage
- Crossing over can break groups
- Position of genes on chrmosomes may be indicated on gene map
Crossing over
breaking and exchange of linkage groups- increases variability of gametes and occurs during synapsis of meiosis
Somatic mutations
affect body cells- not passed to offspring
Germ mutations
-affect cells in gonads
-passed on to offspring
More characteristics of mutations
-most are disadvantageous
-are random
-most are recessive
Polyploidy and nondisjunction
When a pair of chromosomes doesnt separate during meiosis (nondisjunction) a cell has an extra set of chromosomes (polyploidy)
Chromsoomal mutations
worse- badly affect offspring-additions and deletions of sections of chromosomes