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A mathematician, philosopher, optics, astronomy, natrual philosophy in its connections (phsycology)
Discourse on Method!
"I think, therefore I am."
Wrote many new forms of literature, essays!!
Fled the monastary to pursure a career in medicine!
Published 2 satires on European society: Gargantua and Pantagruel!
"Do as you wish!"
Chief minister appointed by Louis XIII
2 goals: increase power of Bourbon Monastary and make France the strongest state in Europe!
3 dangers to the Fench state: Independence of the Huguenot cities, power of the French nobility, encircling armies of the Hapsburgs!
Strengthened the powers of government agents to collect taxes and administer justice.
Edict of Nantes
Henry IV made this declaration of religious tolerance!
Henry IV
House of Bourbons/Huguenots
Converted to Catholicism for acceptance by the French people!
Huguenots couold freely worship in Paris!!
First Bourbon king!
Brought peace!
Wanted to rebuild France and restore prosperity!
restored French monarchy to a strong position!
Killed in the massacre of St. Bartholomew's Day! House of Bourbons!
Henry IV was this before he converted himself to catholicism.
Catherine de Medici
Henry II's wife! Valois Dynasty! Really ruled France in her sons' names after Henry II died.
Catholic, motives were not religious
Poloitical concerns
killed Coligny the same day as St. Bartholomew's Day massacre! She approved massacre against house of bourbons/huguenots!
Family that ruled France since 1328! Catholic family! House of Galois!
New form of literature! Montaigne
Agents that collected taxes and administered justice under Cardinal Richelieu. They came from the ranks of the French middle class! Staunchly loyal to the crown!
French Catholic leaders that wanted peace for France! Wanted a king strong enough to stop wars that were tearing France apart!
Worked for religious toleration and a strong Monarchy!