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This selective COX-2 inhibitor probably has fewer GI side effects than
non-selective COX-1/COX-2 inhibitors:

b. etodolac
Actions of acetaminophen include all EXCEPT:

inhibition of COX-3 activity
c. anti-inflammatory
All of the following are true concerning overdose of aspirin EXCEPT:

a. hyperventilation
b. first order elimination kinetics
c. one treatment is alkalinization of urine with bicarbonate
d. coma
e. fever
b. first order elimination kinetics
You are treating a 65 year old woman who has chronic mild joint and
muscle pain and stiffness but is otherwise healthy. She is living frugally
on a limited income. What drug would you suggest to treat her pain and

This non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug is an effective analgesic, but
has little or no anti-inflammatory activity:

Treatment for acetaminophen toxicity includes the use of the antidote:

a. analoxone
b. N-acetylcysteine
c. Buprenorphine
d. Ketoralac
b. N-acetylcysteine
(T/F) Salicylate poisoning results from a saturation of its major metabolic
pathways leading to an increased production of a toxic metabolite
by cytochrome P-450

produces analgesia mainly by a peripheral action, but it may have a central action as well.
Is more effective for treatment of mild to moderate pain than for treatment of severe pain
Has an analgesic activity that may be related to inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis
May cause GI bleeding when given in therapeutic doses
All of the above are correct
d. All of the above are correct
(T/F) Alkalinizing the urine is a primary means of protecting against the
toxicity of acetaminophen
Agents which are disease modifying in the treatment of Rheumatoid
arthritis (inflammatory arthritis) include all of the following EXCEPT:

a. Sulfasalazine
b. Methotrexate
c. cyclo-oxygenase inhibitors
d. TNF inhibitors
e. Gold salts
c. cyclo-oxygenase inhibitors
Your osteoarthritis patients have seen ads on television for two new
NSAIDS, pain-relieving drugs that have few GI side effects and are
asking you to prescribe them. One of these new drugs is metabolized by
cytosolic enzymes, with cytochrome P450 playing only a minor role while
the other drug is metabolized by cytochrome P450 enzymes. Which of
these two drugs will be better to give to a patient who is also taking
cimetidine (Give the name of the drug)
vioxx –

Bextra uses P450 mainly, as does celebrex
Vioxx only uses P450 minimally.
Cimetidine uses P450, so you don’t want
to use another drug that also uses P450;
therefore vioxx is the best option
Two worried parents bring in a 4 year old to the ER. She is feverish for
the past 2 days and they are giving her adult doses of acetaminophen
every 2 hours. The little girl is now vomiting and seems even more sick.
She was last given the drug about 2 hours before they arrived at the
hospital. What drug Tx should be initiated?
NAC for overdose
Acetaminophen may induce liver disease characterized as:

a. allergic reaction inducing cholestasis at a therapeutic dose
b. hepatitis when a therapeutic dose is ingested with beer
c. hypersensitivity reaction in asthmatic patients due to a normal
d. necrosis due to ingestion of a large dose
d. necrosis due to ingestion of a large dose
NSAIDS have the following characteristics EXCEPT:

a. all NSAIDS relieve mild to moderate pain
b. all NSAIDS reduce inflammation
c. all NSAIDS reduce fever
d. all NSAIDS show cross-sensitivity
b. all NSAIDS reduce inflammation
Which NSAID prevents production of thromboxane by platelets?

a. Indomethacin
b. Aspirin
c. Acetaminophen
d. Methyl salicylate
b. Aspirin
Indomethacin is the drug of choice for:

a. closing the ductus arteriosus
b. suppressing polyp formation
c. suppressing uterine contractions in premature labor
d. inducing apoptosis in colorectal cancer
e. a and b
f. a and c
g. a, b and d
f. a and c
All of the following are true EXCEPT:

GI damage by NSAIDS is not prevented by antacids or H2 antagonists
Misoprostol may prevent GI damage when given along with NSAIDS
NSAIDS can precipitate acute renal failure
NSAIDS can produce mild, reversible, and dose dependent liver disorders except for aspirin
NSAIDS are not associated with teratogenicity
d. NSAIDS can produce mild, reversible, and dose dependent
liver disorders except for aspirin
Which one is NOT characteristic of aspirin

reversibly inhibits cyclooxygenase via acetylation of the enzyme
has a plasma half life of 15 minutes
is widely used as an analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory agent
used in the treatment of coronary heart disease
should be avoided during pregnancy
a. reversibly inhibits cyclooxygenase via acetylation of the enzyme
Which of the following are characteristic of diflunisal?

a. not converted to salicylic acid in vivo
b. more anti-inflammatory activity than aspirin
c. anti-pyretic exhibiting good CNS penetration
d. less GI irritation than aspirin
e. more antiplatelet effects than aspirin
f. effective analgesic agent
g. a, b, d, f are true
g. a, b, d, f are true
Aspirin have all of the following adverse reactions EXCEPT:

a. gastritis
b. a shortening of bleeding time
c. microvesicular fatty change in the liver
d. dizziness, nausea, and vomiting
e. metabolic derangements
b. a shortening of bleeding time
Osteoporosis is most reliably detected by:

serum calcium levels
serum phosphorus levels
alkaline phosphatase levels
plain radiographs
none of the above
none of the above
Aspirin causes decreased platelet aggregation by

inhibition of platelet cyclooxygenase
inhibition of formation of prostacyclin
increasing levels of thromboxane A2 in platelets
inhibiting the formation of cAMP in platelets
stimulation of adenlyl cyclase
inhibition of platelet cyclooxygenase
In platelets, aspirin

a. irreversibly inhibits cyclooxygenase
b. requires high doses to be effective
c. has duration of action of days compared to hours in other tissues
d. A and C
e. All of the above
d. A and C
Which drug should be used for short term treatment

a. Ketarolac
(T/F) Aspirin is safe to use to treat children with chicken-pox and
(T/F) The use of aspirin should be avoided in patients with gout
(T/F) The rate limiting step of oral aspirin use is disintegration and
dissolution of the tablet
(T/F) Buffered preparations of aspirin increase gastric pH and increase
rate of tablet dissolution
(T/F) Low doses of aspirin follow first order elimination kinetics with a
salicylate half life of 2.5 hours
(T/F) Enteric coated preparation of aspirin do not effect absorption