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30 Years War
the war in Germany in which the protestants and Catholics fought. It was one of the most destructive wars of the European wars.
a government in wich the ruler's power is unlimited
Act of Supremacy
declared Elizabeth the supreme governor of England's institutions; also declared HEnry VII "the king's majesty justly and rightly is and ought to be... the only supreme head in earth of the church of England."
Act of Uniformity
set up a national chruch like Henry VII. THis was the only legal church in England. People were required to attend its services or pay a fine.
In 1558, Philip struck at England with a huge fleet of ships known as the armada. Philip had high hopes for his mighty Armada but the skilled English sea captains destroyed it.
Balance of Trade
the difference in value between a country's imports and its exports.
Bourbon Dynasty
a group of protestants, between 1562 and 1589, there were nine civil wars between the Bourbons/ Huguenotsand the Guises/ Catholics; family of French nobles who had become protestants; hated the Guise Family.
John Calvin
during the reign of Henry II, thousands of people converted to Calvinsim; he was from Noyon; gave orders to the new faith; publshed a book called the Institutes of the Christian Religion.
a book written by Voltaire that was a satiric novel
an economic system characterized by the investment of money in business ventures with the goal of making a profit
Cardinal Richelieu
the cardinal appointed by King Louis XIII; devoted himself to two goals: increasing the power of the Bourbon monarchy and making France the strongest state in Europe. He saw three dangers to the French state: the independence of the huguenot cities, the power of the french nobility, the encircling armies of the hapsburgs
Catherine de Medici
the wife of Henry II and the mother of their four tyoung sons who were imcompetent