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What is the chronology of media?
Writing era of communication
Printing era of communication
Telecommunications era
Interactive communication
What was the first fully modern computer design?
Babbage's Folly
Who was the world's first computer programmer?
Augusta Ada Byron
The printing era produces the first what?
Adding machines
Telecommunications era begins with the invention of what?
The telegraph
The invention of the telegraph leads to the invention of what?
What does ENIAC stand for and what did it do?
Electrical Numerical Integrator and Calculator
It was used to solve math problems
tThe first generation of computers used what kind of tubes?
The second generation computers featured what?
Transistors, which leads to miniaturization
Milestones of 3rd generation computers?
Mainframe computers accessed remotely by terminals and used integrated circuits.
The fourth generation of computers produced what?
The personal computer (1975 Altair 8800)
The essentials of the computer
Processor (CPU)
Video or sound card
Expansion slots
When looking into buying a motherboard, make sure...
it is compatible with the processor and have enough expansion for our needs.
When looking into buying a processor, make sure...
it is fast enough speed to not go out of date
Hard drive must be...
Large enough to hold the system software, application software and all documents
What is RAM
Stores programs and data being used, each memory location has an address and it is volatile
Case must...
accommodate motherboard and have power supply and cooling for hot processor.
Monitor must have...
LCD screen
DDifferance between digital and analog
Digital: zeroes and ones/on and off
Analog: continuous variable scale
What is a bus?
Circuits that carry data from one component to the other. The wider the bus, the more quickly the data can flow/
What are Hard disks?
Mass storage devices
What are input and output devices?
Input: the computer's senses (Ex. keyboard, pointing device)
Output: Expanding the capabilities of the desktop/laptop (monitors)
What is diffusion?
a process by which an innovation is communicated through certain channels overtime among members of a social system.
What is innovation?
Idea, practice, or other object that is percieved as new
What aspects make up Diffusion of innovations theory?
Innovation, Communication, TIme, and the social system
What are attiributes of diffusion?
Relative Advantage, Compatiblity, Complexity, Trialability, Observability, Economics, Lack of regulatory boundaries.
Categories to Innovation adopters
Innovators, Early adopters, early majority adopters, late majority adopters,laggards
What is a spreadsheet?
A program designed to process information in the form of tables.
absolute cell reference
what are relative formulas?
refering to different cells when they are copied
What is an absolute formula?
Formula references never change when they are copied
What are database capabilities?
Search for information, sort data by specific catagories, merge data with a word processor, generate reports
What is a database?
a collection of one or more database files
What is a file?
A collection of related informatiom