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high score on L scale
Lie Scale, High Score:
Attempt to present self in very favorable light or lack of insight into one's own motivations
low score on L scale
Lie Scale, Low Score: frankness in responding, exaggeration of negative charateristics or independence
high score on F scale
Frequency Scale, High Score: eccentricity, deliberate malingering, random responding or responding to all items as either true or false
low score on F scale
Frequency Scale, Low Score: social conformity, absence of significant psychopathology
high score on K scale
Correction Scale, High Score: clinical defensiveness, desire to fake good, associated with poor treatment prognosis
low score on K scale
Correction Scale, Low Score: excessive frankness, self-criticism, desire to fake bad
use of K score
Correction Scale: suppressor variable--scores correlate with defensiveness, education level and socioeconomic status; used to correct scores on certain clinical scales
high score on ? scale
Cannot Say Scale, High Score: reading difficulties, indecisiveness, distractibility, rebelliousness or defensiveness
elevated F score and high scores on most or all of the clinical scales
random responding
L and K scores are below 50, but F score and clinical scales 6 through 9 are very elevated
'true' to all items
F, K and L scores elevated and clinical scales 1 through 5 are elevated
'false' to all items
L and K scores around 50, F score slightly elevated, clinical scales are sawtoothed (high and low scores on alternate scales)
age and reading requirements for MMPI administration
18 years or older, grade 6 reading level