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What are three things to look for in media before using?
1) contamination
2) dehydration
3) excessive moisture
What should you label each plate/test tube with?
-section & bench #
-microbe and inc temp
How would you collect a sample of a broth?
-gently shake tube
-take sample off top
How do you transfer a sample to a broth?
-touch sample to surface of broth
-shake tube gently
How do you do a solid slant streak?
-start streak at base of slant
-contact agar
-zig zag up surface in one continuous motion
How do you make a solid slant for a streak AND stab?
-place needle at base of slant
-stab the butt of the tube stopping about 1/4" from bottom
-streak slant by drawing needle up the slant in a zig zag motion
How do you perform a deep solid?
-stab 1/4" from bottom and pull needle out some path
*do NOT make multiple stabs!
How do you perform a solid plate?
-transfer to zone 1 for confluent growth
-streak as directed
Once a slant/broth/plate is made, what is done with the culture?
-incubate at approprate temperature for about 24-48 hrs (depends on micro):
human body= 37 C
room= 22 C
Fridge= 4 C
hot springs >55 C
Arctic <-20 C
What are the 5 reasons for streaking?
-dilute sample for isolated colonies
-separate out a mixture of microorganisms
-observe contamination of pure culture
-observe colonial morphology
-maintain microbes in a pure culture
How do you perform a spread plate technique?
-place agar plate on turn table
-place sample in very center of plate
-dip hockey stick in dirty and touch flame: remove immediately!
-repeat with clean alcohol
-use capillary action to move sample along stick
-hold spreader gently on surface and start to spin turn table
-after several rotations, start to move the spreader back and forth over surface of plate while still spinning