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What are the 4 major cell shapes and what do they look like?
-cocci: spherical
-bacilli: rods
-spirilla: helical rods
-pleomorphic: variety of shapes such as in Corynebacterium
What are the two factors that determine spacial arrangement in cocci?
-plane of cell division
-whether or not the daughter cells stay together
What are 4 spacial arrangements of Cocci?
-diplocooci: Neisseria, Moraxella, S. pneumoniae, Staph sp
-chains: Strepto sp
-tetrads: Micrococcus luteus
-clusters: Staph sp.
What are 3 spatial arrangements of bacilli?
What is the main difference between spirilla and spirochetes?
-spirilla form rigid helical cells like Rhodospirillum
-spirochetes more flexible such as Treponema sp. and Borrelia sp.