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Single circular db-stranded DNA
DNA supercoiled by gyrase
Not membrane bound
hydrophilic, polysaccharide, antigenic, anti-phagocytic, adherence/invasion
Mechanism to avoid elimination by host immune response, some bacteria can switch from production of one antigenic type to another
Phase variation
What is unique to gram + cell envelope
Peptidoglycan thick
Teichoic acid
Lipoteichoic acid: anchors CW to cell membrane
2 layers
What is unique to gram - cell envelope
-Peptidoglycan thin
-No teichnoic acid
-Peptidoglycan linked by lipoprotein to OM
-Periplasmic space contains enzymes
-OM contains LPS
Synthesis that occurs sequentially of peptidoglycan: in cytoplasm, CM, periplasm (gram -), or cell surface (gram +)
Vectorial synthesis
Outer membrane of gram - contains
LPS on outer leaflet

Phospholipid on inner leaflet
LPS structure (endotoxins)
Lipid A in OM
Core polysaccharide in IM
O antigen

all only on gram -