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Name 3 functions of the GI system.
Digestion, Aborption, and Elimination
Name 3 organs of the digestive system and give their functions.
Liver-makes bile, stores vitamins, and removes sugar;
Gallbladder-stores and releases bile; Pancreas-secretes insulin into the bloodstream
Name 3 parts of the small intestine.
duodenum; jejunum; ileum
What are Villi?
finger like projections in the small intestines that absorb nutrients into the bloodstream
Name the quadrants and the organs in them.
RUQ-liver and gallbladder; RLQ-Appendix; LUQ-stomach,pancreas, and spleen; LLQ-sigmoid colon
What is Bile?
Fluid that absorbs fat, it is made in the liver and stored in the gallbladder.
What role does the mouth play in digestion?
breaks food down and turns food into bolus
Which colon absorbs nutrients?
small intestine