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What instead or noting each sorce at the bottom of the page or at the end of the paper?
Parenthetical Citations
What signals that an explanatory nate exist, and also sequence the notes?
Note Reference Marks
What tells you where you get your information at and tells the arthor, date page, name of page,page web site?
Works cited
Word that displays text on the screens as large as possible without extending the right margin beyond right edge of the document widow?
Zoom Page Width
What is the amount of vertical space between lines of text in a document?
Line Spacing
What is one blank line should display between each line of text on the entire page?
What is the text you want printed at top of each page in the document?
What is the text you want printed at bottom of each page in the document?
Is at the right margin?
Right aligned
Or Attach?
What displays a document as exactly as it will print?
Print Layout Veiw
To format or enter task, graphic, or other items?
CLick and Type
To save typing
Autocomplete Tip
to format text as you type
Shortcut Keys
the first line of each paragraph in the research paper is to be indented on-half inch. from the left margin?
first line indent
is top triangle at the 0" mark at the ruler
the small square at the 0" mark at the ruler
Left indent marker
Feature that auto corrects
a menu displays that allow you to undo a correction or change how
Autocorrect option button
raised number
not reference mark to signal that an explanatory not exits either at the bottom of page
at the bottom of a page
can be any length of format
not text
word automatically numbers notes sequentially by placing a what?
note reference mark
basic style
Normal style
automatically insert page
auto page breaks
automatically insert page
soft page breaks
refers to the automatically page breaks
background repagination
is the bibliographical list of works directly ona research paper
works cited page
is one that you force into the document at spectic location
Manual page breaks of hard page breaks