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market segmentation
so it can respond more affectively to needs and wants of customers. 2 categories-common needs and respond similarily to marketing action
how does market segmentation differ
homogeneous groups from segmentation. differ size, revenue, profit, and growth potential from other groups
why is market segmentation useful (2)
decesion makers make accurately define market objective. and enables affective allocation of resources
product differentiation
results from the exsistence of different market segments. using mix elements of promotion, place, and/or price to shape customers product perceptions
product differentiation and marketing
marketing products with different physcial features to different market segments
when should markets be segmented (3) product marketed to multiple market segments 2.multiple products marketed to multiple segments
3.segments of one(mass custimization)
segments of one
mass custimization (e-commerce, flexible products on one assembly line
segmentation trade-off
customer relationship management (CRM) v. synergies
market-product grid
framework to relate market segments of potential buyers to products offered or potential marketing actions by the firm
increased customer value achieved through performing org. functions more efficiently
one product and multiple segments
Time Magazine, Harry Potter books
multiple products and multiple market segments
reeboks for different people.
Disney and winnie the pooh in nordstrom and wal-mart
segments of one: mass custimization
tailoring goods to individual customers on a high volume scale