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product item
unique combo of brand, size, price for one item
stock keeping unit. unique ID number that defines an item for ordering or inventory
product line
groups of items but there closely related bc they satisfy a class of needs, are used together, are sold to the same customer group, are distrubted through the same type of outlets
Nike's are shoes and clothing
product mix
variety of product lines offered by a company(lamp line, table line)
depth and width of product mix
d- more itmes in each line
w- wider its mix is(how many lines)
classification of user(2)
1.personal user(consumer)goods
2. business goods
classicication by tangiblity(3)
1.non-durable-use it up in 1 use(printer paper)
2.durable-5years or more(applicances)
consumer product classification (4)
1.convenience products-purchased frequently(milk) products-effort made to compare price/quality
3.specialty products-purchased infrequently-siginficant effort to compare and special effort to buy(nice watch)
4.unsought products-flu shots, things you dont want
production goods
used in manufacturing or some type of production process. makes up part of finished products(raw materials, lumber)
support products
items that assit in producing G and S. installations, equipment.
4 types of support products
1.insallations-buildings or manufac. plant/large piece of equip
2.accessory-office equip(comp/printer) up very quickly(printer paper) services(consulting,payroll)
new product in terms of FTC
says its been in distribution less than 6 months or less
new from of company perspective (3)
1.product line exstenions(cherry coke)
2.current products improved by new tech.(micro-recorder to walkman)
3.truely innovative new products
new from a consumer perspective(3)
degree of learning
1.continuous innovation-nothing new learned
2.dynamically continuous-small learning(windows vista)
3.discontinuous innovation - learn completely new thing
reasons for new product failure(3)(4)
1.insignificant difference w/ exsisting products
2.poor execution or marketing mix
3.poort timing for product launch
4.incomplete market and product definition before product development starts
5.too little market attractivness
6.poor product quality or sensitivity to consumer needs on critical factors economical access to buyers.
good, service, or idea consisting of a bundle of tangible and intangible attributes that satisfies consumers and is recieved in exchange for money
consumer goods
products purchased by the ultimate consumer
business goods
products that assist directly or indirectly in providing products for resale
derived demand
sales of business goods frequently result from the sale of consumer goods