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the study and forecasting of potential developments are the world
ten trends to watch
econ trends
1.econ activity will shift globably and regionally
2.public-sector activites rise customers will enter
social trends connectivity
2.shift in labor talent
3.big business under scrutiny
4.natural resouce demand will grow
business trends
1. global business
2.from art to science
3.knowledge products
how does marketing create value
creates value both within and outside the firm.
how does marketing make contribution inside the firm(3)
1.Bringing the voice of the customer into the firm and building a customer-focused corporate culture
2.Developing a value proposition and competitive positioning based on customer needs/wants
3.Integrating the product, pricing,placement, and promotion policies/strategies to deliver what the target market wants.
how does marketig make contribution outside the firm
by creating value for customers
stages in new product process product development
2.idea integration
3.screening and evaluation analysis
5.development testing
How can a company become more creative?(3)
1. Hire more people with a creative bent.
2. Encourage/reward employees to offer useful suggestions.
3. Hire the services of a creative agency.
business analysis steop in stages
1.solid demand we have tech to develop it
3.can you make good money off it
the fuel of corporate longevity
what lies the path of progress?
creative person
wants to know it all and creativity is self-rewarding