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great transformation in 70,80's, and 90's
switch from a company driven to customer driven economy
marketers job not to fool but to
1.integrate them into product development and give them excatly what they need
2.provide top notch service throughout the relationship
how to acheive superior market position
build realtionship with customer based on trust, responsivness and quality
what is the market infastructure
retailer, distributors, and financial analyists and is crucial for success
all hat and no cattle analogy
have to concentrate on substance before image-->solid products before image
Positioning your product or service begins with the
Dynamic positioning 3 stages
1.product postioning - how its product will fit in the market(low cost, service) positioning-how consumers percieve your product(good realationship with infastructure)
3.corporate positioning-people must feel comfortable with your company with being financially successful