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To introduce something new for the first time
To impart new vigor to your offering—”in other words, don’t look to do new things; look to do more of what makes your products successful in the first place
Core competencies
are the things you’re good at—the things you know how to do better than anyone else
Core essence
is who you really are as a company or brand. It’s the relationship customers and noncus-tomers alike have with your brand; it’s what your brand stands for in their hearts and minds and the promises your brand makes to consumers
why is core essences important
defines where you can go as a company..cant extend your brand beyond your core business
think like the (blank) not like the blank
think like the challenger not like the leader
Attitudinal segmentation
Seg-ment customers by their attitude toward your brand/company: (1) hard opposition; (2) soft opposition; (3) undecided; (4) soft support; and (5) hard support
what do high tech products require
there own marketing strategy because there is a gap in the product life cycle
what is the gap in the product life cycle of high tech products
chasm in between early adopters and mainstream buyers
product life cycle
2.early adopters
3.early majority
4.late majority