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international marketing
the performance of business activites designed to plan, price, promote and direct the flow of goods to comsumers or users in more than one nation for a profit
marketing what
delivering LIFESTYLE worldwide
marketing how
the marketing strategy:
-selecting segments(target)
-designing the marking mix better than ones competitors
-the part that changes with geography is design
mcdonalds theory
of confict resolution
any two nations who have ever been able to support a mcdonalds system had never gone to war against each other. They care more about helping and establising one middle class
global trends
1. rapid growth of WTO and free trade
2. general acceptance of freem mkt system
3.impact of the internet
4.managing global resources
cross culture analysis
1. define problem or goal in home country
2.define problem in foreign culture
3. isolate src influences
4. redefine the problem without src for optimum business goal
no direct foreign market
no soliciting globally
products may reach foreign markets
infrequent foreign market
sales surplus goes to foreign markets, not planned on
regular foreign market
permanent productivity aimed at foreign markets
international foreign market
has a home market and then subsidiary companies and many other countries
global foreign market
no home country, all are equal
polycentric thinking
will taylor marketing per country
regio/geocentric thinking
all in the same age group should be marketed to simialarly worldwide
ex all teens
an unconscious reference to ones own cultural values, experiences, and knowledge as a basis for decisions.
the notion that ones own culture or company knows best how to do things.
will sell products the same way no matter where
a salient lesson for international marketers
expect the unexpected
required for a firm to be internationally sucessful
a thorough and complete commitment
foreign env, uncontrollable
political/legal forces, economic , competition,, culture, geography, distribution, and level of technology
domestic env. controllable
firm characteristic, price, promotion, product,distribution, research
domestic env uncontrollable
political/ legal forces, competition, economic climate
world bank
institution that has a goal of the reduction of poverty and improvement of living by promotion growth and investment in people (developmental projects, roads, provide investors with investment, welfare org.)
set up after WWII for countries with collapsing currencies.
-loan money
-stabilize exchange rates
-special drawing rights
paper gold
marshall plan
a call for us to provide europe with 335 billion dollars a year for 4 years to rebuild after WWII.
a move toward international cooperation among trading nations, world wide tarrif agreement.
was originally about iron and steel.
notion that free trade would allow others to keep track of the production of war materials.
an institution created to hear disputes, interpret treaties of GATT and arbitrate disbutes between countries.
balance of payment
system of accounts that records a nations international finance transactions. must always be in balance and is recorded yearly. has 3 accts
current account
portion of balance sheet that shows all exports, imports and services, plus unilateral transfer of funds
capital account
shows a record of direct investment, portfolio investment, and short term capital
reserves account
shows exports and imports of gold, foreign exchange,and liabilites to foreign banks
balance of trade
the difference in value over a period of time between a companies imports and exports
the use by nations of legal, exchnge, and psychological barriers to restrain entry of goods.
a fee or tax imposed on imported goods;will generally increase inflationary pressures, weaken balance-of-payments positions, and restrict manufacturers' supply sources.
specific unit or dollar apllied to a particular good imported
voluntary export restraint
agreements b/n countries for restriction of volume of exports
omnibus trade and competitiveness act
deals with trade deficits and protectionism
covers 3 areas to improve trade:
-market access(pressure)
-export expansion(reduced paperwork)
-import relief
selling products in foreign countries below cost
predatory pricing
when a foreign producer intentinall sells below cost of production to take control of the market
sustainable development
a cooperative effort among businesses, environments, and others to seek growth
basel convention
banned export of hazardous wastes to foreign countries
effective communication
underpinning all commerce
the sum of values, rituals, beliefs, symbols, and thought processes that are learned, shared and transmitted through generations
jared diamonds theory
most innovations spread east/west
poverty tends to be in the southern hemisphere
origin of culture
geography, history, politcal economy, technology, social institutions
cultural borrowing
efforts to learn from others cultural ways in the quest for better solutions to a society's particular problem
cultural congruence
marketing products in a way similar to existing products in a means to minimize resistance
management objectives
1. security and molibity
2. personal life
3. afilliation or social acceptance
woluntary offered payment by someone seeking unlawful advantage
payments extracted under duress by someone in authority from a person seeking only what is rightfully theirs
small sum of cash, gift or service given to a low ranking official where offerings are prohibited
giving large sums of money to entice an official to commit an illegal act
soverign state
a state independent and free form all external control.
the power refers to the autority over other states and over own members
the seizing of a companies assets without payment
when the gov seizes an investment but some reimbursment for the assets is made
when host countries gruadually cause the transfer of foreign investments to national control through gov decrees