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bob is trying to remember a recent trip to kmart; he is using
episodic memory
______ refers to the fact that we tend to remember the first piece of information presented in a string of events
primacy effects
hierarchically structured categories range from ____ as the broadest to _____ in the middle to ______ as the finest level of categorization
superordinate, basic, subordinate
what is not a characteristic of attention
it is always non-conscious
_____ states taht the stronger the initial stimulus, the greater the additional intensity needed for the second stimulus to be perceived as different
weber's law
marketers might not want consumers to notice that the size of their candy bar has shrunk again. this is an example of when marketers do not want a(n)
differential threshold to be crossed
in restaurants where high turnover and sales are desired, music that _______ is desirable
has a fast tempo
michael needed info on a new product idea so he called ten people together for a guided discussion. he will moderate the discussion. this is known as a(n)
focus group
suppose you start out with an initial weight of 100lbs and you can only detect a change in weight when it reaches 10lbs. what would have happened if you had started out with 160lbs instead. the amount of additional weight that would have to be added to be noticed would be
more than 10lbs, less than 20lbs
the relationship between arousal and attention is
an inverted U shape with maximal attention occurring at moderate level of arousal
my parents never watch ESPN (and the ads on that channel) this is an example of
selective exposure
Be Popular! Brush with Crest! is and example of
which of these methods to study consumers offers the most control to the person in charge
laboratory experiments
which of the following is an example of affirmation of consequent (a type of miscomprehension)
stronger guys use Brand M exercise program
hundreds of studies in thousands of locations in US have repeatedly and consistently shown that as the number of churches increase in a city, murder rates increase. based on this statistically significant finding we may conclude:
none of the above, they are not caused by each other, just correlated
the mere exposure effect is the result of
mere familiarity increases liking
two characteristics of short-term memory are that
the information has a very short-lived memory trace and limited capacity
which of the following is not an example of "projective techniques" (used in qualitative marketing research)
michael needed info on a new product idea so he will talk to 10 people separately and have a discussion about the new product. this is known as
an interview
it is difficult for healthy food brands to convince consumers that their products taste good because healthy food and lack of taste are generally perceived as
highly correlated
the fact that you can perceive the image below as either an old lady or a young girl is an example of the principle of
figure and ground
_____ stimulus stand out relative to the environment because of its _______
prominent/ intensity
after seeing a compartive ad abotu how acura is better than mercedes, John had thoughts such as "i know that acura's engines are much weaker" or "mercedes has the highest safety standards" these can be described as
counter arguments
when categorizing objects, experts (versus novices) have _____ categories and _____ associations with concepts in each category
more, more
canon xapshot camera, which records pictures on a computer disk, introduces several new features including "seeing your pictures instantly on you tv" and "the ability to erase unwanted photos" this is best thought of as an example of using an attitude-change strategy to
add a new belief
according to the elaboration likelihood model, consumers that process using _____ route often use ______
peripheral, simple rules of thumb
Jenny is watching an Apple commercial in which the PC guy and the Mac guy discuss how each of their system enables you to build a slideshow of their last family trips. Jenny explains "that mac guy is really cute" this is an example of
source bolstering
peripheral routes to persuasion are so named because
consumers' attitudes are not based on detailed examination of the message
when tiger woods endorses gum products, based on the source model, the following attributes of the source affect the processing of consumers:
attractiveness only
informational beliefs are
formed from second-hand knowledge
two-sided messages work best when attitudes towards the product/brand are _____ and _____ correlated attributes are featured
negative or neutral/ positively
my little sister happily just got accepted into two different law school programs, one in international law and one in business law. she doesnt know which one to choose. she is facing ______
approach-approach conflict
lack of _____ to process is the reason why most of us will not be able to accurately draw a picture of a penny
having a vitamin deficiency that makes us want a certain type of food is an example of a _____ motivation
Grace has had an interest in weaving since she was 6years old. She now weaves cloth for shows and sells her items in boutiques. Grace has what is known as _____. Grace's siblings Jane and Abigail decide to buy Grace a special wool and silk yarn for her birthday. Unfortunately, Jane doesnt care much about the purchase and doesnt want to go shopping with abigail who is likely to feel ______ and spend a lot of time searching for the perfect yarn because _______
enduring involvement, situational involvement, she is accountable
what is not one of the basic dimensions of attitude?
based on the processing of the brain it will be best to place visuals/pictures
on the left side of the ad
an ad for general foods coffee depicts a sunset scene which presumably invokes feelings of serenity. Showing such ads repeatedly is consistent with
classical conditioning principles
as john was about to purchase a laptop, he realized that it was only available in dark green color and he decided not to purchase it. although color is normally supposed to be a ______ for computers it still prevented him from making the purchase
peripheral cue
why are principles of operant conditioning (POC) useful in the development of promotional strategies
POC show that experiences with products provide reinforcement that affect future purchase behaviors
whats the order of the maslows pyramid of hierarchy of needs from bottom to top
physiological needs
safety needs
social needs
esteem needs
self actualization needs
based on the lab experiment with mice we talked about, which of the following is in the right order for the priority of intrinsic needs
what are the functions of attitudes
knowledge function
self/ego expressive function
adaptive function
ego defensive function
when michael jordan endorses furniture products based on the source model, the following attributes of the source are most likely to positively influence the processing of consumers
attractiveness only
what is not true about emotions
emotions last longer than moods
which is true about the theory of reasoned action
beliefs about and evaluations of the consequences of an action lead to attitudes toward the action
ABC bank waives monthly fees if a checking account reaches $2000 monthly average balance. this is an example of
negative reinforcement