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Marketing communication activities, other than advertising, personal selling, and public relations, in which a short-term incentive motivates a purchase:
Sales Promotion
A cash refund given for the purchase of a product during a specific product:
Promotions that depend on chance or luck, with free participation:
What is the goal of sales promotion?
Immediate Purchase
An extra item offered to the consumer, usually in exchange for some proof of purchase:
What type of sales promotion is target to the consumer market?
Consumer Sales Promotion
A promotional program designed to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships between a company and key customers:
Loyalty Marketing Program
A promotional program that allows the consumer the opportunity to try a product or service for free:
What offers consumers a reason to buy?
A certificate that entitles consumers to an immediate price reduction:
Promotions that require skill or ability to compete for prizes:
What type of sales promotion is target to the marketing channel?
Trade Sales Promotion
A loyalty program in which loyal consumers are rewarded for making multiple purchases:
Frequent Buyer Program
What offers consumers an incentive to buy?
Sales Promotion
Used when product has a high value:
Personal selling
Money offered to channel intermediaries to encourage them to “push” products--that is, to encourage other members of the channel to sell the products:
Push Money
What are the 4 methods of sampling?
1) Direct mail
2) Door-to-door delivery
3) Packaging with another product
4) Retail store demonstration
Used on products that are standardized:
Advertising & Sales Promotion
What are the 4 benefits of trade sales promotions?
1) Gain new distributors
2) Obtain support for consumer sales promotions
3) Build or reduce dealer inventories
4) Improve trade relations
Used on products that are custom made:
Personal selling
What are the 3 goals of point-of-puchase promotions?
1) Build traffic
2) Advertise the product
3) Induce impulse buying
Used when product has a low value:
Advertising & Sales Promotion
Used when a product is technically complex:
Personal selling
A price reduction offered by manufacturers to intermediaries, such as wholesalers and retailers:
Trade Allowance
Used when there are few customers:
Personal selling
What are the 4 most effective types of online sales promotions?
1) Free merchandise
2) Sweepstakes
3) Free shipping
4) Coupons
What are the 6 tools used for trade sales promotion?
1) Trade allowance
2) Push money
3) Training
4) Free merchandise
5) Store demonstrations
6) Conventions & trade shows
A sales practice that involves building, maintaining, and enhancing interactions with customers in order to develop long-term satisfaction through mutually beneficial partnerships:
Relationship selling
Used when there are many customers:
Advertising & Sales Promotion
Seller discusses product:
Traditional Personal Selling
A form of lead generation in which the salesperson approaches potential buyers without any prior knowledge of the prospects’ needs or financial status:
Cold calling
What are the 7 steps in the selling process?
1) Generate Leads
2) Qualify Leads
3) Probe Customer Needs
4) Develop Solutions
5) Handle Objections
6) Close the Sale
7) Follow Up
Selling that uses a team approach:
Relationship Selling
Selling with limited sales planning:
Traditional Personal Selling
Selling with a profit impact and strategic benefit focus:
Relationship Selling
Selling in which the seller’s focus is on closing sales:
Traditional Personal Selling
Selling with a long-term sales follow-up:
Relationship Selling
Selling used to sell products:
Traditional Personal Selling
Used on products that are simple to understand:
Advertising & Sales Promotion
A determination of the customer’s specific needs and wants and the range of options a customer has for satisfying them:
Needs assessment
Seller conducts discovery in scope of operations:
Relationship Selling
A consultive salesperson must know everything about what 4 things?
1) Product or service
2) Customers and their needs
3) Competition
4) Industry
Seller uses a “lone wolf” approach:
Traditional Personal Selling
Seller builds a problem-solving environment:
Relationship Selling
List 6 tools used for consumer sales promotion:
1) Coupons & rebates
2) Premiums
3) Loyalty marketing programs
4) Contests & sweepstakes
5) Sampling
6) Point-of-purchase promotion
Selling in which sales planning is top priority:
Relationship Selling
Selling with a pricing/product focus:
Traditional Personal Selling
How should a salesperson close the sale?
-Look for customer signals
-Keep an open mind
-Tailor to each market
Selling in which the seller’s focus is on the customer’s bottom line:
Relationship Selling
The desired results of these 2 sales promotions include:

-Reinforce behavior
-Increase consumption
-Change purchase timing
1) Loyalty marketing programs
2) Bonus packs
Seller assesses “product-specific” needs:
Traditional Personal Selling
What are the 3 characteristics of qualified sales leads?
1) Recognized Need
2) Buying Power
3) Receptivity & Accessibility
Selling used to sell advice or assistance:
Relationship Selling
Selling with a short-term sales follow-up:
Traditional Personal Selling
The desired results of these sales promotions include:

-Break loyalty
-Persuade to switch
1) Sampling
2) Sweepstakes
3) Contests
4) Premiums
_____ is generally short-term, whereas _____ is long-term.
Sales promotion, advertising
An example of a(n) _____ would be a pair of Hanes pantyhose included with the razor.
Coupons, rebates, and point-of-purchase displays are examples of _____.
Consumer sales promotion
Jane went to the supermarket to buy her daughter's favorite brand of cereal--Quaker Oats Corn Bran cereal. As Jane was looking for the cereal box, she noticed a flashing light connected to a red device that was clipped on a shelf containing Post brand cereals. When she pressed the button on the device, she got a coupon for $1 off any brand of Post cereal. The device Jane saw is an example of a:
P-O-P promotion
In contrast with other forms of promotion, sales promotions:
Offer a short-term incentive to buy
For its summer show, HBO distributed Entourage cards good for perks at clubs, restaurants, and retailers in 6 cities. HBO had 300 partners in all, including Mercedes-Benz and several liquor brands. Cardholders got a CD that took them to an HBO microsite, where if they gave their e-mail address and cell phone number, they would receive weekly e-mail and text messages with special offers and events from participating brands. What is this an example of?
If customers are geographically dispersed, then _____ will work best.
When Hasbro Games offers to send $2 to any customer who purchases a Connect Four, Trouble, Operation, Battleship, Twister, or Guess Who? game, it is an example of a(n) _____ offer.
Back in 1933, the marketing department at the Jewel Tea Company wanted to increase sales among the patrons of its home delivery grocery routes. It contacted a china manufacturer and had it design a pattern of dinnerware that was called Autumn Leaf. Customers purchased individual pieces for a nominal fee as a reward for buying a certain dollar amount of groceries. The Autumn Leaf dinnerware was an example of a:
Pedigreed brand is marketing a new snack food for large dogs called Jumbone. It would be most likely to use which form of consumer promotion to induce product trial?
Josh Moran is in charge of finding sponsors for the 2007 Reno Rodeo. He is currently talking to a marketing representative from Wrangler jeans to try and convince the company to sponsor the event. Moran is engaged in _____.
Personal selling
Hewlett-Packard offered $25 to individual Office Depot salespeople for each HP Laser Jet printer they sold. The $25 is _____.
Push money
At the annual HAI event, helicopter manufacturers and vendors of helicopter-related products gather together in a convention center and display their products in booths to customers and potential customers. This is an example of a(n) _____.
Trade show
During the sixteen weeks of the NFL football season, fans can log on to the NFL Web site for three chances to win a 2007 GMC Sierra. Fans enter by casting a vote for who they think will win each week's Monday Night Football match-up. What is this an example of?
This is an example of a sweepstakes if no knowledge of football is required to enter.
In 2006, the International Dairy Food Association introduced "Body by Milk," which is a program that encourages consumers to buy more milk. The program lets them bid on goods ranging from T-shirts and hats to musical instruments and cell phones. The bidding is done using UPCs and expiration dates from milk containers. "Body by Milk" is an example of a:
Loyalty marketing program
Seagram's Coolers has asked bartenders in New York City to submit cocktail recipes to its Web site. From these entries, the winning recipe will be selected. The winner of this ________ gets to take a friend on a five-night trip to Tahiti.
Lopez is the largest Hispanic-owned meat processor in the United States. To assist retailers in marketing its products, Lopez provides point-of-sale materials and offers special introductory discounts to retailers. Lopez uses:
Trade promotions
The Sun Recreational Vehicle Outlet is trying to decide which promotional tool to emphasize. The outlet's motor homes are customized and expensive. They target entertainers, sports figures, and others who spend more than six months a year on the road. Given this information, motor home retailer should rely on which promotional tool?
Personal selling
Under the partnership agreement between HarperCollins and Sutter Home Winery, consumers can visit the Sutter Home Web site monthly to learn about a featured pairing of a book and wine. Each visit to the Web site qualifies the consumer for the opportunity to take a reading group for a weekend stay at the Sutter Home Victorian Inn and free books from HarperCollins. This prize package will be awarded through a(n) ________ since there is no skill involved.
As Sherri Tuk is trying to conclude the sale of an aluminum house siding system to the Renaud family, she finally offers them free gutter cleaning services and six pairs of window shutters for half-price. This is a closing technique called:
The Chem-Gro Company has purchased mailing lists of landscape contractors, corporate lawn care services, and turf companies in order to mail out brochures with a detachable card that consumers can return for more information. Chem-Gro is involved in:
Lead generation
Jefferson Smurfit Company is a multi-billion-dollar supplier of packaging materials. One of its salespeople rearranged production schedules at 3 different plants to satisfy an unexpected demand for boxes from General Electric. The salesperson's actions is typical of the company's sales philosophy and indicates an emphasis on:
Relationship selling
What is often used to induce product trial?
A promotional display set up at the retailer's location to induce impulse buying:
P-O-P (point-of-purchase) display
What rewards consumers for making multiple purchases?
Loyalty marketing programs
The identification of potential customers who are most likely to buy the seller's offerings:
Lead generation
When Mike Walsch began selling Singer sewing machines, he called friends, relatives, former business acquaintances, and members of his neighborhood club. He asked them if they knew anyone who was looking for a deal on a new sewing machine. This technique is known as: