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What are the 2 major types of advertising?
1) Institutional advertising
2) Product advertising
A series of related advertisement focusing on a common theme, slogan, and set of advertising appeals:
Advertising Campaign
What are the 3 types of product advertising?
1) Pioneering
2) Competitive
3) Comparative
The advantages of this advertising media include:

-moderate cost
-geographic selectivity
Outdoor Media
Advertising that enhances a company's image rather than promotes a particular product:
Institutional Advertising
A desirable, exclusive, and believable advertising appeal selected as the theme for a campaign:
Unique Selling Proposition
The disadvantages of this advertising media include:

-Difficult to measure ad effectiveness and ROI
-Ad exposure relies on "click through" from banner ads
-Not all consumer have access to computer
What are the 2 types of institutional advertising?
1) Corporate identity
2) Advocacy advertising
An arrangement in which the manufacturer and the retailer split the costs of advertising the manufacturer's brand:
Cooperative Advertising
A coordinated effort to handle the effects of unfavorable publicity or of an unfavorable event:
Crisis Management
Advertising that touts the benefits of a specific good or service:
Product Advertising
Advertising Appeal:

Social embarrassment, old age, losing health
Disadvantages of this advertising media include:

-Short message
-Lac of demographic selectivity
-High "noise" level
Outdoor Media
Advertising Appeal:

Used in selling cosmetics and perfumes
Love or romance
Disadvantages of this advertising media include:

-Limited demographic selectivity
-Limited color
-Low pass-along rate
-May be expensive
Advertising Appeal:

Appeals to body-conscious or health seekers
The element in the promotional mix that:

-Evaluates public attitudes
-Identifies issues of public concern
-Executes programs to gain public acceptance
Public Relations
Advantages of this advertising media include:

-Fast growing
-Ability to reach narrow target audience
-Short lead time
-Moderate cost
Advertising Appeal:

Product saves, makes, or protects money
Disadvantages of this advertising media include:

-Long-term advertiser commitments
-Slow audience build-up
-Limited demonstration capabilities
-Lack of urgency
-Long lead time
Advertising Appeal:

Centers around environmental protection
Environmental consciousness
Advantages of this advertising media include:

-Geographic selectivity
-Short-term advertiser commitments
-News value and immediacy
-Year-round readership
-High individual market coverage
-Co-op and local tie-in availability
-Short lead time
Advertising Appeal:

Used for expensive or conspicuous items
Vanity and egotism
Advertising Appeal:

Key to advertising vacations, beer, parks
Fun and pleasure
Advertising Appeal:

Used for fast foods and microwave foods
Advertising Appeal:

Reason for use of celebrity spokespeople
Advantages of this advertising media include:

-Good reproduction
-Demographic selectivity
-Regional/local selectivity
-Long advertising life
-High pass-along rate
The slogan for an ad campaign used by Microsoft Office was, "The I'M TIED TO MY DESK era is over." This slogan describes the software's:
Unique selling proposition
You are the marketing manager for a new brand of power drink with added Vitamin C called Sunshine Strong. The ad reads, "The Vitamin C in Sunshine Strong will help you prevent colds. Sunshine Strong will give you more stamina." This is an example of a(n) ________ advertising appeal.
Periodically, DuPont Industry runs ads describing the merits of LYCRA elastic fibers (a product DuPont produces) in clothing. The company's ads are an example of _____.
Institutional advertising
The Mathis brand of televisions has a significant market share but spends proportionally less on advertising than competing brands. Why is this?
Beyond a certain volume of promotion, diminishing returns set in
An advertisement for an energy-efficient light bulb tells viewers that they will save $10 per month on their utility bills. This is an example of a(n) _____.
Profit motive appeal
Instead of sending artfully arranged flower bouquets, an entrepreneur has developed fresh fruit bouquets, which it is marketing under the name Edible Arrangements. The premium fruit is cut to resemble flowers, arranged in a basket, and carefully delivered to the recipient's home. One of the problems the entrepreneur faces is convincing people that Edible Arrangements bouquets are not a novelty product but an attractive way to show how you feel about someone. Edible Arrangements should use ________ advertising to promote its fruit bouquets.
Budweiser beer often ends its commercials with the reminder to "Drink responsibly." This is an example of _____.
Advocacy advertising
The primary reason Coca-Cola sponsors musical performances at various venues across the United States is to create _____.
_____ are very effective at targeting a specific demographic market.
The biggest advertiser in the United States is:
Procter and Gamble
A local greeting card store only runs newspaper advertisements the week before major cardsending holidays, such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Halloween, and New Year's. The card shop uses a _____ schedule.
When Coca-Cola in India was accused of deliberately trying to poison consumers in that nation by selling them soft drinks allegedly containing 27 times the maximum amount of pesticide that is permissible, Coke ran ads in national newspaper describing how much care it takes to guarantee the safety of the products it produces. These ads were examples of ________ advertising.
The first step in the advertising campaign decision process is to:
Determine campaign objectives
A newspaper ad for Intel microprocessors informs readers that the company spent more than $12 billion in research and development in 2005. The ad promotes no specific products and is an example of ________ advertising.
A financial services advertisement targets busy professional parents by showing them in a variety of situations during a typical frantic day. This is an example of a(n) _____.
Lifestyle execution
After a visit to Athens, the International Olympic Committee representative said, "If you look around Athens, it is one of the most visually polluted cities in terms of outdoor advertising in all of Europe." In terms of media selections, this condition means that outdoor advertising in Athens has:
High noise levels
The advertising medium that provides the most flexibility is:
An ad for Crystal Geyser bottled water shows why and how the bottler supports the reforestation of America's forests. What kind of an advertising appeal is this ad using?
Environmental consciousness
A lawn and garden store has an arrangement with a lawn mower manufacturer that 50 percent of the cost of all radio and newspaper advertisements placed by the store will be paid for by the manufacturer if the ads feature the lawn mower brand. This is ________ advertising.
Bravo Foods International, the maker of the Slammers brand of flavored dairy drinks, is currently deciding how much space or time will be placed in each advertising medium that the company has selected. Bravo Foods is deciding on its:
Media mix
The United States Army created a video game called America's Army to boost its recruiting efforts. The game is an example of:
The local vocational college has sponsored a city-wide litter pickup contest and sent all the proceeds from recycling the collected cans to a local charity. The event was so popular that the local newspaper took pictures for the front page, and every local news station carried a story about the school's community activities. The newspaper pictures and the news stories exemplify:
The owner of a small printing company is deciding which media to use. He knows there will be a need to make last minute changes to the advertising message, and adjustments once the ads have started to run. The printer is concerned with medium:
Marketers of a new soft drink being launched at a mass market would like to reach the broadest audience possible. Which advertising medium should they use?
Although consumers in the United States find the AFLAC duck humorous, people in Japan are repulsed by ads that show the duck screaming at people to get their attention. Therefore, AFLAC had to use a different ________ when it began advertising its insurance in Japan.
Executional style
Beatrice Foods, the maker of Reddi-Wip topping, spends almost 40 percent of its entire advertising budget during November and December. Its advertising budget is spent evenly over the next 10 months. Beatrice Foods is using what kind of a media schedule?
The CEO of Aaron's Rents was thrilled when the car the company sponsors was wrecked in a recent NASCAR event. The wreck showed the car rolling with the Aaron's name in full view on the hood of the car and was part of the race highlight film shown on many television broadcasts. Aaron's association with NASCAR is an example of:
Event sponsorship as a public relations tool
Capital Finance has mailed its stockholders a brochure that includes data from the firm on new customer services, management changes, and the firm's financial situation. This is an example of:
Public relations
Ricky's Rib Restaurant runs ads for one week, every other month, in the entertainment section of the newspaper. No other forms of advertising are used. The restaurant uses a ________ scheduling plan.
When rumors began that Bertelsmann, the German-based global media giant, had been anti-Semitic during World War II, the company issued a press release stating that the company's president during the war was not anti-Semitic. He simply believed in publishing books that had the widest possible audience. This sort of press release would be part of the company's ________ plan.
Media schedule in which advertising is run steadily throughout the period:
Continuous Media Schedule
What are the 7 functions of public relations?
1) Press relations
2) Product publicity
3) Public affairs
4) Corporate communication
5) Crisis management
6) Employee/investor relations
7) Lobbying
Media schedule in which advertising is run heavily every other month or every two weeks:
Flighted Media Schedule
What are some example of monitored media?
1) Newspapers
2) Magazines
3) Yellow pages
4) Internet
5) Radio
6) Television
7) Outdoor media
Media schedule in which advertising combines continuous scheduling with flighting:
Pulsing Media Schedule
What are some examples of unmonitored media?
1) Direct mail
2) Trade exhibits
3) Cooperative advertising
4) Brochures
5) Coupons
6) Catalogs
7) Special events
Media schedule in which advertising is run only when the product is likely to be used:
Seasonal Media Schedule
A costume rental company only runs newspaper advertisements the week before holidays, such as Christmas and Halloween. This is an example of a _____ media schedule.
The _____ media scheduling strategy schedules ads heavily for a period, then drops them for a period, and then repeats them.