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why does a business firm segment to markets
so it can respond more efectively to the wants of groups of potential buyers and thus increase its sales and profits
aggregating buyers into groups that have ocmmon needs and respond similarily
homogeneous groups of prospective buyers that result grom segementation
product differntiation
a firm using differnt mktg activities to help consumers perceive the product as being dirferent and better than others
steps in segmenting and targeting markets
1. group potential buyers into segments
2. group products to be sold in categories
3. develop a market product grid and estimate size of markets
4. select target markets
5. take mktg actions to reach markets
segments of one
tailoring goos/services to the tastes of individuaols customers on high level scale
product repositioning
changing the place an offering occupies in a consumres mind relative to competitive products
perceptual maps
a means of displaying or graphing two dimensions the location of products of brands in the minds of consumers
market potential
offers to the max total sales of a product by all firms to a segment during a specified time period under specified environmental coned and efforts
sales forcast
the total sales of a product that a firm expects to sale during a specific time