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Closing techniques are especially handy in
door-to-door sales of low priced products
the seller who quotes a _____ price agrees to load the goods on a truck, freight car, or other means of transportation
free on board (fob)
the seller assumes its easier to get the prospect to decide on a very trivial point than on the whole proposition: what color do you like: blue or red?
minor-point close
throughout the presentation the seller constantly asks questions for which the prospect most logically would answer yes.
continuous yes close
the seller, without asking for the order, simply begins to write it up.
assumptive close
first the seller attempts to obtain committment by another method. If unsuccessful he throws in an extra benefit
benefit in reverse close
the seller appeals to the buyers emotions to get the sale.

"i desperately need to make this sale"
emotional close
Virginia just saw carl, with whom she attended high school 15 years ago, driving near him she honked her horn and waved to say hello. carl who does not recognize her and thinks she's giving him a hard time. obviously there is a problem in the way carl is ___the message
customers can listen to words at a rate more than five times as fast as the rate at which the salesperson can speak
speaking listening differential
when adjusting sales presentations for international audiences, salespeople should recognize that in low context cultures____
words carry most of the information in communication
you are a salesperson making your first call on a buyer at a new business you hope willbecome one of your firm's clients. In what zone should you expect the buyer to offer you a seat when you go into the buyer's office?
during which stage in the evolution of personal selling was the role of the sales person to serve as provider
the only stage of the relationship development process that may not occur in every relationship is the ___ phase
with ___ the emphasis is on helping the buyer realize the synergy of carrying all of the glues and cements made by the 3M Company
full-line selling
___occurs when the claycradt salesperson attempts to sell fiber glass planters to a buyer of bird baths
ryan wants to make his quota. It is the last day of the month and he has only two sales calls scheduled. Ryan should attempt to ____ but not ___ his customers.
persuade but not manipulate
a ____ warranty is an oral or written statement by the seller
expressed warranty
a ____ warranty is not actually stated but is still an obligation defined by law
implied warranty
special relationship in which two companies agree to buy products from each other.
a buyer is required to purchase one product in order to get another product
tying agreement
an agreement between competitors before customers are contacted
refers to competitors working together while the customer is making a purchase decision
When PC, a fascimile machine manufacturer purchases ceramic printing heads from Kyocera to install in its fax machines, it is acting as an:
original equipment manufacturer
sales people need to understand that purchases made by their customer's customers exemplify:
derived demand
usually the best place to hold negotiations is:
a neutral site
when and where negotiations take place is important. Experienced negotiators usually prefer to begin negotiations:
on a morning in the middle of the work week
what a negotiation team hopes to accomplish in a given negotiation session is the team's:
target position
a negotiation team's initial poistion in a given negotiation session is the team's:
opening position
don't make ultimate purchase decision, however they often have considerable influence in the early and late steps of the buying process
the person who starts the buying process
people inside or outside the organization who directly or indirectly provide information during the buying process
make the final decision in the buying process
the view that no culture's ethics are superior
cultural relativism
the view tha ethical standards in one's home country should be applied to ones behavior across the world
ethical imperialism