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Problem Definition
a broad statement of the general problem and identification of the specific components of the marketing research problem.
Problem Audit
a comprehensive examination of a marketing problem to understand its origin and nature.
Secondary Data
Data collected for some purpose other than teh problem at hand. Obtaining data that has already been collected via internet or other organizations.
Primary Data
Data originated by the researcher specifically to address the reserach problem.
Qualitative Research
an unstructured, exploratory reserach methodology based on small samples intended to provide insight and understanding of the problem setting
Environmental Context of the problem
consits of the factors that have an impact on the definition of the marketing reserach problem, including past information and forecasts, rewources and constraints fo the firm, objectives of teh decision maker, buyer behaviro, legal environment, econoic environment, and marketing and technological skills of the firm.
goals of the organization and of the decision maker must be considered in order to conduct successfull marketing research.
buyer behavior
a body of knowledge that tries to understand and predict consumers' reaction based on an individual's specific characteristics
Legal Environment
regulatory policies and norms within which organizations must operate. Ex. public policies, laws, gov angencies, taxes, patents.
Mangaement decision problem
the problem confronting the decision maker. It asks what the decision maker needs to do.
Marketing research problem
the marketing reserach problem asks what information is needed and ow it can best be avoided