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What is the DODIC for the MK-58?
How long dose the MK-58 burn for?
40 to 60 minutes.
How far is the MK-58 visable for?
3 Miles.
What are the dimentions of the MK-58?
21.78 inches long X 5.00 inches in diameter.
What are the pyrotechnic weights of the two candles in the MK-58?
First candle 1000 Grams, Second Candle 870 grams of red phosphorus.
How long after water impact dose the MK-58 ignite?
25 seconds.
How high can the flame shoot up with the ignition of the second candle on the MK-58?
50 Feet.
What is the aggregate weight of the MK-58?
4 LBS 13.5 ounces.
How long can a MK-58 be stored in a water proof locker after it has been armed?
21 Days.
What is the Pyrotechnic, screening, marking, and countermeasure devise technical manual?
NAVSEA SW05-AB-MMA-010, NAVAIR 11-15-7.1.
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